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[Game] Merge Catgirl

Merge CatgirlCombine cat girls and develop the café.

This app has a cat capture function.
Easy to play beautiful young girl casual game, raising catgirls!
Combine catgirls and hire higher-level catgirls!
Meet 55 different breeds of catgirls with unique characteristics!
Increase their charm and pay attention to their stories!

Merge Catgirl user reviews :

It’s an ok idle game, would be nice if the accounts were backed up with Google Play or other means to save progress and outfits. Getting the unique “secret cats” does nothing, and I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not but they also have 0 production when in the cafe.

This is a really cute game! It has a cute story to go with it and has a lot of different cats and has a lot of interesting things in the game. Unlike other games it doesn’t give you ads everytime you do something. The only thing I don’t like about the game is that it forces you to fire a cat at the very begging of the game. Though it gives a very short tutorial on what to do and it doesn’t take forever to learn the basics. The game even lets you know when your device is about die!

Okay game, easy to learn and play, more of an idle clicker game then a merge game and as such can become boring, sometimes a forced ad will display halfway through merges or tapping causing links to open up.

It’s a very good game but there are so many adds that you can barely play the game it’s self take 50/100 adds and then the game will be better if u are a cat lover get this game.

I really like this game. It’s simple, and I also like cat girls, so. It’s a nice cute game with clearly a lot of effort put into it. Would absolutely recommend.

This game looked interesting at first, and so I decided to install it. I don’t know if other people have this problem, or if it’s just me, but I tried opening the app like 10 times and it kept closing on me. It wouldn’t even let me get to the home screen because it keeps closing on me. If this is a bug, then please fix it I’d really appreciate it and I will also change my rating and even install it again, but if it just my device that’s doing it, I sorry, but I’m uninstalling it either way. Srry

It was extremely fun and a great time passer for the first few days of playing it. After a while it’s become boring and just kind of sits there. I deleted the app because of it.

Too. Many. Ads. I was already angry at the ads that pop up unprompted, but when I get another one within seconds of the last, you have a money-grubbing problem. And with a game as simple as this, ads can have a huge negative impact on enjoyment. A good timekiller wasted by greedy advertising.

Cute game but the affinity didn’t seem to increase with time, making the whole game p2w afaik.

Previous review deleted so now reduced to 1 star from 3. Run of the mill merge game with added mechanics that don’t work. Cat girls don’t gain affinity whilst offline defeating object of an idol game. Leveling cat girls (not merging) is not explained either. Would be better if issues fixed.

Very fun game. After you get the second room the collecting and merging gets easier.

A really fun game to kill time with. Gameplay is simple. Cute character design. My only qualm with it is that you can’t transfer your save data to another phone. I would give it 5 stars if you could.

I love it, it’s very cute. I got a suggestion, how about we change decorate the cafe?,

i just got the game and i like it quite a bit but i think we should be able to custamize our own characters and have more slots and be able to decorate the cafe as well

Email just sent! I hope the data transfer feature can be added in the next update!

What a wonderful game! I downloaded it as soon as I saw the ad and I like it very much. The atmosphere is very relaxing and the gameplay is pleasantly casual. At first I was worried it didn’t have a catgirl log, but then I found out you unlock it later. Each catgirl has unique design, personality, and dialogue, which you unlock more of as their affinity increases. The dresses are cute too. I am also a fan of merge games, so this app is perfect for me!
  • Mist game
  • Thank you very much for your play. :D I am really empowered by your reviews.

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