Miner Gun Builder – Fly through missions to earn money

[Game] Miner Gun Builder

Miner Gun Builder  This is my first app. I put a lot of effort in it, hope you like it :)

You are the captain of a space ship and fly through missions to earn money. With the money you can buy parts to build your weapon in your space ship. You can also buy bigger and better ships which can fit more parts. Building a small weapon is straight forward, but later you can build extremely strong weapons if you use the available space wisely.

Features of Miner Gun Builder are:

8 Captains with custom skills
100 handmade missions
Infinite procedural created worlds
32 Ships
51 Achievements
52 Weapon components
73 skills in the skill-tree
Your own alliance you can invite friends into
over possible weapons !!!

The game is an light-hearted version of an arcade space shooter but has substantial depth regarding the mechanics.

If you like to tinker around and optimize stuff – This is the game for you.

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Miner Gun Builder user reviews :

I love it, very grindy but fun. Only think is that it glitches out and crashes alot when there are many projectile on screen or when it has to calculate the damage for many blocks, idk. Anywho, solid little grind fest

A really interesting game with some really interesting and engaging concepts. A few things could be changed to make things a little clearer, like what affects only the inner projectile versus what affects ejected projectiles, as well as what the tier system is in general and how it works. Despite these things, the game is mostly very clear about how things work, and the element of trial and error coupled with the easy to learn hard to master ship building system makes it a fun game to optimize

This game is quite interesting and unique, I really love the concept and potential with the various possible builds and I look forward to seeing how it gets at higher levels. I would love to see some minor changes, and some further explanation of how some things, for example: I have no idea how the world tier system works and unsure the best way to progress beyond just making money.

Simple yet excellent. The strategy is quite excellent for an offline game. It may seem like a simple idle game but it actually has a surprising amount of strategy in how you build ships. Of course there is a single endgame meta build but understanding how to get there could take time. Some tiles for building ships ARE a bit confusing and either require your own trial and error to figure them out or the help from Discord. It would be nice if they were explained better. But the game is worth

The game is fun, but most of the ships are useless, it’s annoying saving up 70k to buy a ship to find out it’s basically useless, so I end up using the same ship over and over again because non of the more expensive ships I’ve bought actually help me make any progress so I’m to worried on wasting all my time saving up for a new ship that’ll just be another ship I can’t do anything with. I really tried to make them work.

This game is amazing even grinding is a bit fun and the upgrades are really cool but there is a lot of grinding to get money which isn’t that fun after a while and there are loads of upgrades that require you to do a lot of levels but other than that a great game (would reccomend) Suggestion: Making your own ship but you have to do levels to unlock space and the things that let the bullets out (I forgot what they are called)

An absolutely pointless and mindless game, that is well done and developed to maximize the fun. The developer clearly listens to the feedback and it is easy to see that this was not made as a way to push ads constantly like other games often are. Ads are there, but you don’t have to see them and you can even pay to get rid of them, which is well worth the price. One of the better time wasters out there in my opinion. Well done.

I liked this game at first, but forward progression grinds to a halt pretty fast and the descriptions for the game mechanics are vague at best and nonsense at worst. Overall great concept, but too unbalanced for me to be interested anymore. I’ll keep the game though, cause as I said, the concept is great and I hope the kinks get ironed out. If the game improves, I’ll revisit this review and give it more stars.

This is really a near perfect mobile game. The mechanics are easy to understand but challenging to master. There’s lots of things to do and accomplish and very little annoying stuff and NO pay2win only mechanics. Thanks for a great game. THE ONLY ISSUE is that there’s what I’d call a bug in waves. it is nearly impossible to profit more from reaching higher levels. The red coin per minute ratio just gets worse and worse. It should feel rewarding to reach higher levels and allow more building

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