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Fancade  Go on a quest to collect stars and unlock worlds full of mini-games!

New games in every world
Unlock over 100 mini-games
Thousands of challenges to complete

Then visit the arcade to compete with other players scores!

Outrank other players
Collect coins and upgrades
Discover new games every day

Or make your own levels and games?

Make levels from kits
Make games from scratch
Earn plays, likes, and gems
Join a community of creators

All Fancade games are made with the app itself. Any player can become a creator. And many have, that’s how we can keep adding so many new games!

Fancade user reviews :

The game itself is fun and underrated, but i dont like some updates and changes to the UI that much. I especially don’t like the new death/win screen. The old one one simple and effective

Absolutely fenomenal. One of the good latest games for your phone and a fun experience. All levels are different and fun. No levels are boring or too hard. A 10/10 game. The ads are also not that bad since you can skip them after 5 seconds or they end in 5 seconds. This might go on second place for me right after Red Ball 4

Actually enjoyable gameplay. The games tend to get a little repetitive over time, but overall this is a nice collection of games. Also, removing the offline “ads” is definitely a step in the right direction.

Wonderful game! Very easy and it has so much content. You can’t get bored.

This game is really unique, it’s more of a series of different games. All created by different players. Yes, you can create your own games on this. It’s really cool. I haven’t made one of my own, but from what I have played, there’s so many different options. Some people copy and paste other games from the app store into fancade, but there’s quite a few different gems to find. Overall 9 1/2 out of 10, give it a try!

I really like this app, it’s incredible. i just have one problem, the adds sometimes don’t fit the phone properly, meaning you can’t hit x to leave, and you have to leave the app which means the level you just spent so long completing is still considered ‘uncompleted’ by the game other than that, it’s a great game, full of variety and puzzles, I’ve never seen such a good app for games that cures boredom

This game was pretty good. I havent played it in a while so i decided i came back. And i miss every old thing. First, the stars are now like xp stars not like old 8-bit stars. Secondly, speaking of 8-bit, almost everything in the game are not pixelized anymore, removing the retro feeling. Third, Roper update. YOU GUYS RUINED IT. Now instead of roping yourself, Now there are specific places to rope. I really miss every old thing in Fancade, so i hope you guys understand.

This game is great. My one problem is that stupid Tiny Tracks game. The controls are so awful and the car is so slippery and hard to control I can feel wrinkles growing on my face in real time. I get some things are messy in games to make it more fun but come on. This is just annoying.

I have to rate the game 1 star so you may take this review into consideration. The game(s) and ideas are awesome and fun. BUT there are many games that have problems in controlling, mechanics, etc. However there is no review section for each game (at least for the official games in worlds). The Like/Dislike buttons make no sense, since the game creators will not ever know why people dislike their games, either know what to fix and improve them. Anyway thank you Martin and creators for Fancade.

There’s so many games to play even when offline! I really love this app because I can play it to kill time. All the games are so well made and don’t use much storage. Overall very good game so I give 5 stars

I love this game, I can make my own levels or play what other people share, but what I hate about it is that in quest mode the creators of the game haunt my nightmares by making more levels of games that are impossible for me to beat, instead of showing variety of games in a new island I have to play even harder levels of the same game, this is why I’m giving fancade 4 stars, and most of the games are generic puzzle games

This game makes me want to go back to every review I’ve ever put 5 stars and put it back to 3. I wish I could give this game 7 stars out of 5. It’s brilliant! Every individual game could be it’s own app but you get all of them in one! They run at 60fps consistently and look beautiful, seriously. Some very unique game ideas and neat spins on games we’ve seen before. I’m so impressed and no longer need to store 10 games on my phone! Thank you for this, keep up the great work!

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