My Coloring – Create beautiful dioramas and let go of your daily stress

[Game] My Coloring – Relaxing coloring game by number

My Coloring  Leave the daily grind behind and and enjoy our unique 3D pixel (voxel) art coloring book.

Color according to the numbers on the screen to create beautiful dioramas and let go of your daily stress as you read calming and soothing stories.

Our unique fairytale-like 3D pixel art design makes for a delightful and enjoyable experience to alleviate everyday stress. Continually updated 3D pixel art models will help you end the day on a high note.

A color filling game for adults.
Soothe your mind and relax as you color the boxes in according to the numbers on the screen.
Select the diorama you want and use the palette to bring it to life to the accompaniment of relaxing background music.
Complete the pages of your coloring book and create your very own little world.

Game features

A color filling game for all players young and old, playable anywhere and whenever
Highly intuitive gameplay, filling in colors according to number cues
Game styles and coloring skills to boost focus and imagination
Cats, unicorns, and numerous other adorable 3D pixel art characters
Free 3D pixel art and color palettes
Beautiful diorama designs and healing BGM and stories
Share completed works with your friends on social media
Time lapse video camera feature to relive the experience of completing works
Sustained content updates
Supported languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, French, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

Game description
Select pixel art and color the blocks according to the numbers.
Start with simple pixel art and move on to higher difficulty levels
Complete pixel art one by one to create your diorama
Listen to the story behind the diorama

Leave behind the stress of your daily grind and discover happiness.
My coloring – your very own oasis of happiness awaits

Download and Play My Coloring for free NOW!!

This application needs access to the following ONLY for managing save data and video ads. No personal information will be gathered using those access.

My Coloring user reviews :

Love the dioramas and it’s so relaxing. Finished all the free ones and just waiting for some new ones. I did the update, but I can’t find the new diorama

A very simple, yet very fun game. The price to remove ads is very expensive however. I’ve played games, where the price to remove ads cost between $1 to $6. This game however, charges you $14, which is a bit too much just to remove ads. Still a fun game overall.

Do you release more pictures everyday. And have you thought about making Disney ones. I would love to do the Disney ones. Disney is my favorite. I just became a monthly member and I actually just found this game and it’s fun.

Really fun to do. Very relaxing. But I just wish there were more dioramas to do. This game is keeping me sane. Edit: This game WAS nice because you could color everything, you just had to watch an ad. Now for whatever reason you have to subscribe to color everything in a pack. Really? During quarantine? I’m really disappointed. This was an amazing fun game but now it’s unfulfilling.
  • Buff Studio co ltd
  • Hello, this is Buff Studio. Thank you for your specific feedback. We will try to make our game more enjoyable. If you have any good ideas from now on, please let me know anytime. I’ll do my best.

I genuinely love playing this game. If the developers would have left it to watching videos for more pieces in the dioramas I would have given it 5 stars easily. I also find it unprofessional that they are expecting individuals to pay money weekly or monthly to advance when they only come out with a new diorama maybe once every 3 weeks. I would feel justified paying the amount if the content was being produced at a faster rate. Until then I guess I will leave some unfinished business in the app.

I love this unique coloring app! It’s like a cross between a color by number and build a diorama/model. With a bit of hidden object thrown in because the blocks arnt always obvious, you have to find them sometimes, which is an aspect I personally love because it makes it more challenging. I do wish that as the game goes on, that there was more diversity in color. As in more colors per object, I think at most an object has around 20, adding more might increase the difficulty. Overall A+.

I absolutely used to love this app! But in a new update they made all essential parts and about 80% of the dioramas themselves locked and you HAVE to purchase a subscription in order to color them. I haven’t found ONE diorama that isn’t over 50% locked and that makes me sad bc I don’t have money to spare on a mobile game. So, again, I’m ending up deleting another app because their main concern is money! I’d be more okay if at least just SOME weren’t all locked out, but they are.

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