My Foxy Girlfriend – Protect these mythical beings from losing their home

[Game] My Foxy Girlfriend

My Foxy Girlfriend  Synopsis

The legends of Hazushima Island speak of shapeshifting village protectors—the mighty Kitsune. But when a giant corporation rolls into town to destroy the forest, it’s up to you to protect these mythical beings from losing their home.



The shy but curious Fuku is more attuned to the feelings of the forest than any other being. While she easily makes friends, it’s difficult for her to foster those ties. Can you help her develop those bonds, or are you the deep connection she’s looking for?


With a tough exterior and cold attitude, Tsukiko struggles to express her feelings. Seeing the world through human eyes may help her grasp how others feel, but can you give her the final push she needs to show her true colors?


Strength is everything to this natural-born fighter. Mayuka puts the safety of others before herself as one of the village protectors, but how will she cope against a modern enemy that she has never seen?

My Foxy Girlfriend user reviews :

Now, I never go for apps like this because I think they’re pretty cheesy. However, this one in particular caught my eye, and fell in line with my own interests. I decided to give it a go for once and I’ll admit, I actually enjoyed myself. Sure, the whole “pay for the rest” or “play and be extra patient for the rest” left a slight sour taste in my mouth. However, since I know characters like these don’t really exist irl, it was an enjoyable experience to feel as if they did. *sigh* I wish.

I have to say, I love the game. The girls are adorable and it’s pretty well written. To play it free takes awhile if you want to use all of the extra dialog options, but I went into this knowing that’d probably be the case, as is the standard for most mobile visual novels. That said, I’m pulling my fifth star because there’s no option to play as a female protag. While reading I can change the words in my head, of course, but it’d be nice to not have to worry about that.

Most premium choices are “You must pay, or you’ll disappoint her”. I think this way of monetizing is too outdated. The story and visual are pretty good, but whenever the premium choice appears, it make me sigh. I’m not saying that this app doesn’t deserve money. I’d like to pay for this game. I just want to have option to unlock everything(unlimited premium choices, story tickets) with one time payment. ところで、このアプリは私の英語学習に大いに役立っています。語彙が以前に比べかなり増えたのを実感しています。素晴らしいアプリをありがとうございます!

I don’t care About the premium choices The Game Was Amazing!!!!! Absolutely amazing gameplay was awesome everything just jaw dropping i can’t believe that I posted a 2 star review!!! I love this game when I finished it I felt amazing. Make a part 2!!!! This was hella amazing im a male and this nearly brought me to tears! As you continue you gain a strong connection with the characters! Amazing I cant say anything else than just draw dropping and spectacular just wow and just amazing Part two pls

Good game with a good story. I would love if a season two or another part of this is made. I know it’s usually just one game by taking a look at your other games but I would absolutely love it. Only small complaint that I have is maybe premium choices could be more like 10 gems or around there. Other than the gems issue it’s a great game.

Overall great games great charecters(thankfully), great graphics, and great story but the problem i have is the amount of rubys you have to use to pick the other options maybe it could be diled down to a 10 ruby amount it would make the game more fair and i wouldnt have to spend alot of time on the slot machine (which feels impossible to use) espiaclly if you want to play the game free but other than that great game.

Love the game, Good story, Cute character and most of them were perfect but there is still 1 thing that most of players having…lack of gems to buy premium story progression….since it’s cost gems…most of players have to choose the other answer…The suggestion is….how about making another minigames that atleast could get us more points then the lottery one…anyways the game is truly the best.

I really enjoyed the story but only one was I doubt I’ll go through it again as the pay wall is a bit to steep. If it was cheaper I wouldn’t mind, but as of right now it costs to much for tickets and gems. Other than that I really enjoyed it.

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