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Mythgard CCG  Note to our non-English speaking friends: Mythgard is a text heavy game, and is currently presented only in English. We are a small development team, but we plan to provide additional translations as soon as possible.

Set in a modern world filled with magic, Mythgard is a collectible card game that offers exceptional lore, tactical gameplay, and strategic deck building. Mythgard’s clever gameplay depth harkens back to the great early days of the genre, and its feature-rich systems offer many ways to play.


Play solo, 1v1, or bring a friend for 2v2
Collect 400+ cards featuring gorgeous art
Master fast, tactical gameplay
Enchant the unique battlefield to enhance your tactics
Explore a compelling story
Battle through story, draft, and rank modes
Spectator Mode and Replays

Strategic Choice
Mythgard is a CCG that allows for clever and interactive decisions. Experience a unique game with fast and fluid tactical action. Use spells, minions, enchantments, and artifacts to vanquish your opponents. Every play could mark the difference between victory and defeat. Your deck is not restricted to a single class or faction, opening a world of limitless possibility.

A World of Myth Made Real
Mythgard is the gatherer of legends globally. Gods of ancient legend walk the modern world in Mythgard. Many of the greatest deities have not been seen in millenia, but creatures of myth still rival jets for control of the skies. Mortals now rise to contest with these ancient beings. In Mythgard, players are gatherers of both the edge of technology and the magic of myth as they battle for dominance over the powers of an earlier age.

A Battlefield Like No Other
Place your minions and enchantments strategically on Mythgard’s unique battle board and open up clever plays. Create mighty artifacts that alter the fundamental rules of the game. Cast powerful spells to open gaps in your adversary’s defenses and charge as the tide of battle shifts in your favor.

Free Means Free
Every card can be earned through play, and you can be the gatherer of your collection in any way you choose! A variety of PvE modes provide daily rewards, while an equal variety of PvP modes let you test your skill against the ultimate opponent – other players!

Single Player Campaign
Explore the world of Mythgard in an extensive single-player campaign as the many factions struggle to be the gatherers of power. Use the cards you earn to learn the game play, build your skills, and hone your clever strategies. The campaign lets you study the characteristics of each color faction, jump start your card collection, and most importantly – enjoy your Mythgard adventure.

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Mythgard CCG user reviews :

This is the most carefully and lovingly made card game on the app store hands down. Fantastic art and actual balancing (I’m especially a fan of the rarity influencing max cards, keeping P2W decks from dominating new players, also the wild card forging is genius). I love the funny flavor texts also. building a deck is easy because there’s a well made filter system, unlike shadowverse or any of the other CCGs on here. A downright pleasant experience start to finish. You won’t be disappointed.

A word to describe it would be, potential. I love the way the different styles could manifest themselves, on the battlefield, how they interact and how new mechanics could be implemented on top of it. I wish they keep the shared community decks in the future, it is an extremely noob friendly feature, unlike games like Hearthstone for example hehe. The UI needs work, but that is just understandable given the stage of its development.

A seriously fun blend of magic the gathering and hearthstone, but set in what is basically a shadowrunish magical/future kind of universe. The story is well voiced for a card game, too. Suggestion to the devs if they read these. Maybe make the deck builder and collection viewers pinch to zoom or drop the flavor text from the thumbnails. Browsing for cards with certain things is a bit cumbersome with how small the text is at the moment. I love all the added lore and details though. Great touch!

The game has lots of potential. There are six factions of cards and you can mix them up to come up with different tactics and strategies. The devs support and give out lots of cosmetics and cards via email. They have a discord as well and do take in feedback. I hope this game continues.

Fun story mode, though it is a bit short. My only real complaint is that you are heavily reliant on rng to make you r early decks. It gets better though after you build a decent budget deck so you can compete. Just do your best to keep up with daily and faction quests and you should be fine

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