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Raider Origin  Fresh and Relaxing Operation

Too tired in study or work? Raider: Origin allows one-hand operation. Smooth movement, smart feedback, and easy gameplay grant you relax and pleasure.

Class Change Helps Break Through

The fencer, magician… Free class change and rich developing journeys! Just become the top crasher and explore the wonderland.

Boss Hunts and Rich Loots

High drop rate of hunting bosses in the wide magic world. Kill world bosses to collect the precious loots which make you level up and power boost.

Resource Competition Grants Exciting Battle]

Compete to get more resources with players from all over the world! You will be the hunter or the prey? Slay or be slayer, conquer or be conquered: who will be the leader of world?

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Raider Origin user reviews :

It can be fun a gume if you have time to waste but it has a major p2w problem and time zone problem. First of all you can’t access some parts of the game without paying, second if you are a player from europe good luck doing daily events. Its not a fair game and i understand that, but locking content behind a pay wall is never a good thing if you want to keep a player base.

Needs work. I can’t even progress because my offline quest won’t actually continue. I go offline to start it, and when I get back online it was switched off to another quest. A quest that I can’t even do because I’m not at that lvl yet. My offline grinding quest is literally the only one I can do, and it won’t let me do it. It’s been 3 days and it’s stuck. At this point I’m bored as hell. Might uninstall

It’s really fun and a good adventure game,I just got the game a few minutes ago and i’m addicted already!, I highly recommend this game!

I would love this game so much more of it didn’t crash during every event… Only started happening with latest event… New update screwed up the game for me. Lose out during events! Would be great if it could be fixed and not shut down during everything! Plus some extra explanation with certain things!!
  • 4399en game
  • Could you provide more specific information about this situation? Please contact us via FB We will try our best to help you.
It’s a awesome game keeps you busy you got 2 stars bc every time I click the activities tab and the top right corner it glitches out and then I have too refresh the game it happens every time!
  • 4399en game
  • Could you provide more specific information about this situation? Please contact us via FB We will try our best to help you.
what can I say, the controls suck, sometimes I need to click the same button 10 times for it to respond, the graphics are ok, nothing special, the gameplay is completely the same as any other autoplay p2w mmorpg. the fact that some dungeons cant be accessed because I am not VIP is hilarious. And what is the difference between this game and Crasher: Origin? uninstalling soon, there is nothing that makes me wanna come back and play more. p.s. devs are money hungry but still the game is playable.
  • 4399en game
  • Hi thank you for your suggestion and our team would take it into consideration. If you have any good ideas, welcome to contact our fb gm inbox: thank you for your concern and have a nice day!

Sweet idle MMO. So far so good, no real complaints…yet. My only fear is reaching a ‘bottle neck’ point where I will have no choice but to top up. Let’s hope determination, patience and grinding will be key for progression and not a trap to siphon money out of players. That seems to be a common thread with game develeopers now whom produce MMOs. I really like the vertical display, opposed to the traditional horizontal view…but this is not the first idle MMO to use a vertical display.

This is the first mobile RPG i have ever liked. The community is awesome and its so cool to have people actually create wars between leagues of the same server when you are fighting the war of server v server. There is always something to do, im peak 51 (lvl 371) and i have so many stashed offline grinding tickets plus my 20hrs already activated. I had to make an alt account today just to force my main to grind offline for a while to get rid of some tickets! I wanna stream this game.

This game is the same as The Last Knight. Same chars class n all. Same layout. Nice way to just change the name of ur game. I don’t see how it’s a different game because it’s the exact same characters exact same setup exact saying my maps are is all that
  • 4399en game
  • Hi we are different agency to operate this type of games. Raider:Origin is already online for 1 month and especially for US and European with a comfortable time zone and similar language environment,fully sole game.if you have any good ideas, kingdly suggest to contact our fb gm inbox:

Latest Update :

1. Raise the upper limit of the level and open the [Super] level segment.
2. Brand new gameplay – Super BOSS: you can switch the original BOSS gameplay to Super Boss gameplay with one click, and enjoy cross-server competition!
3. Brand New System – Super Equipment: the super equipment is the advanced version of the original equipment system!

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