Raziel Dungeon Arena – Save the world from its demon plight

[Game] Raziel Dungeon Arena

Raziel Dungeon Arena  Your enemy is on his last leg. Swap out your mage for your warrior in real time and deliver the battle’s decisive blow. Welcome to Raziel: Dungeon Arena. Collect new heroes, raid single player and co-op dungeons, craft epic gear sets, and save the world from its demon plight.

Raziel is a meticulously crafted dungeon crawling, boss battling ARPG experience for your cell phone. Like solo quests? Make your way through Raziel’s 60+ single player dungeons. Prefer to make things a bit more personal? Raziel: Dungeon Arena offers multiplayer co-op raids and boss battles.

Game Features

Satisfying Single Player Experience
Challenge single player dungeons that require you to think on your feet in order to survive
Outwit bosses who use unique skills to stun, bind, burn, freeze, and kill anyone in their way
Outmaneuver enemies who possess spatial awareness, reacting according to their own strengths and weaknesses

Co-Op Dungeons
Explore the world map with friends to find random quest givers and challenges
Form raid parties and take on dungeons with friends
Team up in co-op Tavern boss battle quests

Tag team battle system
Mix and match to find the best hero combo and fighting strategy
Precise and fluid mechanics lend a superior sense of maneuverability and control

Stunning Unity 3D Graphics
Immerse yourself in a dark world filled with detailed character models, gorgeous dungeon environments, and eye-catching hero abilities
Traverse a diverse set of environments including dismal swamps, forbidding deserts, desert plateaus, and haunted forests

AAA Quality Sound
Full length game soundtrack accompanies you as you hack and slash your way through mobs
Story narration and in-game NPCs accompanied by authentic voice acting
Detailed sound effects provide unparalleled immersion with a realistic ambient effects and a plethora of unique sounds for character skills and abilities

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Official Site: en.raziel.indra.games/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/raziel.en/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCmO7yDGADdnAAsSFccatdlg

Raziel Dungeon Arena user reviews :

Fantastic I’m not the type of gamer who needs fast gratification. Plays like d3 but with more of a d2 gear rng. Yeah you can get to mid level stuff quickly which is nice. The end game gear takes time only thing I would change is lessen the cap for runs. You should be able to grind land of hell of demonland balls constantly. Maybe make those more available but 1 run gets you 1 ball or 2.

I usually don’t write reviews, because I just don’t care about the cash-grab Playstore games, but to be honest, this game has a potential. It’s like a mix of Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. The User Interface, Graphics, Mechanics etc. are so smooth and optimized. So far I didn’t notice any P2W aspect about the game itself. Ofcourse there is a cash shop, but it’s filled with cosmetic items and a little bit gameplay boosters. (Like an S tier Pet, Gold etc.) You should give it a try.

This game has some immense throw-back feel from older hack n slash dungeon games. The pros are plenty and it feels like Diablo but this is a mobile app so monetization is heavy as expected. At 2 days in I’m at level 50 so leveling is not an issue. Graphics wise it’s pretty polished. Sound is done well, voice overs are hit or miss at times though. The game play is fast sometimes to a fault but when you get to hell you will see why it’s needed. The pets are ridiculous and useful. F2P is doable.

I have just been playing for a hour. Its a good Diablo like game. The text words and the spoken words do not match. Can’t open various chest in the beginning quest. Combat system is good , when your in town or safe area the controls are ok. If you don’t have a face book there is no way to get help for in game questions. The town or safe area glitches for a few second while your are running around. Overall a good game so far.

Massive potential in this game! Unusual for this era of mobile gaming, the only thing which is big deal breaker is that needs optimisation! Keep the good idea of the game. Don’t ever add auto play. Put some extra effort to for the optimisation. And you have one hell of a game! With this in my inventory I can live without Diablo immortals.

Very Refreshing i actually feel like im playing an old school hack and slash champions or narrate type game, very good so far and im sure it will be even better later on, it has its quirks buts definitely worth checking out if you’re into dungeon crawling diablo-esqe games. I’ve also yet to find a pay wall as far i can see its cosmetic, tiny tiny stat changes here and there for “fashion” items, but nothing to complain about.

One of the BEST ARPG on your mobile ! Try it, you will see by yourself. Graphics are very well done, gameplay is smooth and you can build your characters the way you wish. It is, at least, a game with no auto-attack and auto-play functions which ruins the whole game experience ! Sweet levels in a great story like the old Diablo series. Hands down, a very well made game !!!

Last Update January 5, 2021 :

Version Updates
1. New dungeon – Co-Op Abis Demon Land: Team up in groups of 2-4 to take on Abis!
2. New system – Potential: 40 Potentials, unleash powerful hero builds.
3. New system – Conversion: Freely switch between builds.

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