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Runes Pocket Advisor  Runes – an ancient magic system, which represents the basic forces of nature.

Runic symbols were used for divination and magic Nordic peoples who believe in contact with the natural forces through the appropriate runes.

Attached are three kinds of divination runes:

Fast divination runes – often for a response to a question, it suffices to take one rune, its value – this is the answer to the question. In this case, excluded the possibility of misinterpretation, because other runes that can confuse – no. Especially recommended for beginners as well as for those who are interested in a particular issue.

Two runes – a combination of two runes gives a description of the current situation and the forces that affect you now, in the present. And so the question must not touch this or can not do without question. Two runes even without question, show characteristics of the present moment.

Three runes – a simple divination runes, but it allows you to answer a variety of questions and explain what forces influenced you in the past affect the present and will continue to affect the future. Selected only three runes: the first represents the recent past, the second – now third – the future.

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Runes Pocket Advisor user reviews :

Not a bad app,others are just better and more informative. If your wanting to learn the runes definatly try a different app. If u wanting to just read them and learn as little as possible about the rune itself then this is for u. From what i have gathered you need to really understand the runes before u can give a good reading.

I downloaded this on my tablet because i have an iphone, this is the best divinatory app of them all, oracles, tarots, rune apps, this ones the easiest to read and get a quick answer to any problem.

Very simplistic, very easy to use. Fate is now.

Great App, quick n easy to use.

Fully enlightening. Spiritualy uplifting. Gift it to loved ones. Blessed be.

Another great ghost app! Please check it out!

Nice soothing soft colors, but the writer seems to put reversals on the runes that can’t be reversed. The internets have 1 website that includes the alternative names of the runes, but like this app won’t properly separate meanings for clarity…. like a teacher rambling on without respect for the questioner.

For one these are Not celtic runes these are nordic runes. And for 2 there was never a blank rune. It was a wiccatru christian thing and a modern day thing. Other than these two issue it is a fairly decent app. Change the name and take out the blank rune.

I have to point out a mistake. Some runes cannot be reversed. Sowilo, Isa, Hagal for example. This is intrinsic to their meanings and significance. Very Misleading in this app. However, the function of the app itself is pretty good. Not Celtic. Norse.

Can’t really put my faith in an app that mis-labelled an entire alphabet. The Celtic alphabet, used by Druids was called Ogham and was often carved on trees or corners of stone, using the corner as a line through which staves are carved. This alphabet is the Elder Futhark, used by Anglo Saxon and Norse cultures. Asatru believe the Futhark was given to mankind by Odin, after a 9 day ordeal. Sorry to be pedantic, but I did want to see an Ogham app.

Same thing others said. These are Teutonic runes. Norse mainly. There were no Celtic runes. The Irish used Ogham.

Anyone know where to find actual Celtic runes? Since these are Norse, or rather Ogham.

Very good for those who want to know hidden things

They are for the druids of the Norse

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