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[Game] Score Hero 2

Score Hero 2  A NEW HERO! The brand new sequel to the award winning, chart topping, mobile smash hit!

You are unknown but your potential is extraordinary. You know your talents must be released for the world to see! Unleash your Hero on a glittering career by shooting, passing and scoring your way to superstardom!

Incredible graphics, showcasing glorious animations and hyper-realistic gameplay! Now with officially licensed, REAL clubs and leagues! Authentic kits and badges give the ultimate soccer experience! You’ll be at the heart of the action as you guide your Hero from hot prospect to global superstar!

This is a soccer sequel like no other for a game that is like no other!!!


REVEL in an exciting new story following your Hero’s soccer career!
SCORE amazing goals, PICK out that killer pass and CURL your screaming shots into the top corner!
PACKED with over 90 officially licensed teams from some of the world’s greatest leagues! Who will you sign for?
ENHANCED graphics, ENRICHED motion-captured animations and with the same instantly recognisable “pick-up and go” gameplay
BRAND NEW Infinite Hero mode, How far will you go?
INSTANTLY RECOGNISABLE commentary from one of the world’s top commentators, ARLO WHITE!!
HAND-PICK your Hero’s unique look and customise his appearance.
TRIUMPH WITH TROPHIES as you progress through your career and unlock great prizes!
CONNECT to Facebook to sync your progress across devices

Take your chances, score the goals, be the HERO!

This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money.
This app contains third party advertising.


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Score Hero 2 user reviews :

Not a patch on the original. The slightest misplaced pass gets intercepted. Sometimes you have to pass the ball right into your teammate’s feet or it is intercepted by a defender travelling in from off screen at the speed of light. Sometimes you have to underhit a pass to a teammate to give him enough room to turn without touching an opponent. No consistency. And you have to be spot on for it to register as “top corner”, “bottom corner”,”hit post”, etc.

Amazing . Especially when I am bored and dont have any internet. Sometimes it can be annoying about the fact that the players do not run fast enough and lose the ball for wierd reasons . But apart from that it’s okay

Scripted to push P2W. Developers probably never played football either. Fun initially then takes too long to complete where the AI is crazy good and your team is just plain stupid, running out of bounds, dribbling into the opponent and everything just so you lose health and purchase a power up. Avoid or just play like 2 seasons and leave.

The Game Awesome, just some little issues. Once your player traps the Ball, the opponent shouldn’t be able to take it from Them, because once the opponent touches the ball it’s a failure for us. So you need to Balance it.

The AI in this game is terrible. They never run towards the ball as if they want the opponent to get it, the opponent is always faster than your own team. It is as if your own team is there just to look pretty instead of avtually being useful

I just hate the fact that once you lose the ball, you can’t do anything about it, and that we’re given a certain range to shoot or pass….. But it’s an alright game, it’s addictive to a certain extent.

Sometimes it is too hard, AI is just crazy and always tackle and win the ball… teammate is dumb and leaves the easily and this energy system is so irritating. score hero 1 was better but this is so annoying and irritating

It’s good but whenever you get tackled but still have possession of the ball and you can continue playing because you still got the ball it makes me start again even though I can continue, other than that great game

This game is best,nice graphics but there is no premier league and I want to play this game without live,it’s annoying.You just need to make this game have premier league and no live.I want to play to play this game everyday but the live is pretty annoying

I have been waiting for this game for over 5 years and it’s amazing the visuals, graphics and the animations are amazing although their are some minor glitches that need to be worked upon

I personally think the first game was much better. On Score Hero 2, the opposition seem to be able to run at 30MPH and slide tackle you from 30 feet away out of nowhere. The goalkeepers are under some kind of wizardry potion that enables them to leap like a salmon, top corner, no matter how much power or curl you get on your shot. It all seems a little too scripted for my liking. 2/5.

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