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[Game] Shell Racing

Shell Racing  Race incredible cars including the Shell Motorsports Collection on amazing tracks.

Compete in new events every day to unlock exciting new cars and win prizes and build your own tracks and share them with the Shell Racing community.

With an easy to use track editor you can create your own tracks and share them with the world – will your track be Track of the Week?

You can even view your cars life-sized on AR Core compatible devices.

Shell Racing user reviews :

Controls when using the touch screen hide during racing, and dont have any set placement. Constantly turning left trying to find the right turn area, accelerating while trying to break. Doest matter how good everything else is in a racing game if you cant have the access to control your car.

I was asked if I’d like to rate this game… and believe it or not it’s so good I couldnt resist. I’m not swamped with ads and dont need to make any purchases… just race. Its addictive as hell and one every race fan should have. A 5 star game.
  • BrandBase B.V.
  • Thank you for your kind review! We’re really glad you’re enjoying the game

bluetooth remote control is very unstabble,even at very close range it is always disconected. it is happens with all of my collection ( 3 cars ). very annoying.

Definitely a fun racing game with real cars and amazing tracks. Still don’t get the classifications of cars (I-IV) though. There’s also a problem with your matchmaker in time trial events since you pit lower level cars with the expert gamers. For suggestions, since you have BMW M cars, you’re missing the M3, M5 and M6, especially the M6 GT3. For the speedway collection (NASCAR?), it must not only be the Mustang there but other cars as well. Anyways, great game
  • BrandBase B.V.
  • Thanks for the review. We match players based on their race time – but for the first race you do of each even it’s random. We agree that’s not ideal and we’ll improve this. We’re adding more BMW M cars in a couple of months! We’re also considering allowing more cars to race speedway. Thanks again!

I love this game so much i’m hoping that in the future you guys will add more cars like for example sprint cars and dirt tracks.

Better in every sense than most Freemium games . But I cant find it in any Top list blogs or anything I came across this game by total coincidence. Can you work on a better thumbnail ?

Very fun and underrated game. I enjoy the variety of races especially the Nascar races!

A very interesting game I wish it could have a change camera view so we won’t have to only do third person.

Very good game with every series shell has cars in.

If it can Cloud Save. Better. Cause it will erase all data, when you change Phone
  • BrandBase B.V.
  • Hi – if you contact us at support[at] we can restore your account for you

Control needs to be improved alot and cockpit view should be there

when i am setting the driver name, it always says “name is not allowed.” i cant even enter the game!
  • BrandBase B.V.
  • Hi – we had a temporary server issues that’s now fixed. Please let us know at support[at] if you still have an issue.

This is an excellent arcade style racer. This would keep arcade fans and racing fans happy for a long time. The game is the same as the pictures. You see, games that are excellent do not need to mislead people. The only problem is that the shadows could be made better. This is a 5 star game that you should try.

game is good, but pls add these in your next update, these are my suggestions, id be happy to see it: -car damage physics (all) -underwater/underground/mountain tunnels (all) -actual nascar rules (speedway) -offroad penalty (motorsport and speedway) (optional) -arcade timer (arcade) -cars going a bit faster (+100 kmh) (arcade) -new racing category – drift, rally, monster truck offroad, kart racing, motorcycles, dirtbike. -retro vehicles (outrun, daytona usa, virtua racing, RR series etc)
  • BrandBase B.V.
  • Thanks for this detailed set of suggestions. We’d love to do all of these – and we have some on our roadmap for the next few months.
Its Basically NASCAR heat mobile.. But: Better, With different cars, Crash Physics, And Custom Maps, though i have 1 bug to report, If you’re Gonna race someone and it says to choose a car, no car pops up, unless it has to be specific, Nonetheless, its a fun racing game
  • BrandBase B.V.
  • Hi – thanks for your review. Can you send us more information about that bug? Please email – it’d be very helpful!

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