Shelter Zero – Be the Commander of Angels

[Game] Shelter Zero – IDLE Angel Saga

Shelter Zero  ShelterZero Grand Open !!

Elite Operators have more powerful skills!!

New version updated(20/11/13)  Clear stage Easier

Game Features

Fascinating action that breaks all stereotypes of idle RPGs
Gorgeous Effect! Marvelous Hitting!
Skillful Effect action that looks like watching an animation.
Kill the surging monsters at once; Register the Animalroid and experience that powerful ATK

Be the Commander of Angels !!
The charming Angles that crisscross the battlefield!
You can form the team with an Angel and Operators.
Valid formation for the best commander according to the situation.

Near countless stages and more! Easy to clear !
You’ll be able to see various monsters and bosses at over 1000 stages
Form teams according to the stages.
Simple to operate easy to clear.

Stress-Free Collection and Level up !
You are getting stronger continuously even when you sleep.
Collect and grow; Various Angels, Operators, Operator pieces, Animalroids, and Engines.
You can get Offline Rewards

Arena Duel for the best commander !
Competition for your honor!
Battle in Arena with other players all around the world.
Rewards offered base on your rank.
You can use Honor coins in arena store

Please let us know when you have any bugs, questions, and problem by email

We are so Indy and English is not our mother tongue.
Please let us know when you find any wrong terms or awkward expressions by email

Be our colleague to make a fun and good game.
Thank for your help in advance.

Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.
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Shelter Zero user reviews :

More development of this would have been nice.l but out since August 2020. Easily a 4 star game with a few improvements. Currently 1-2 star as it sits. No community. Little content. Difficulty curve can be quite harsh without the right team. Only 20 runs in material dungeon with 2 day cool down and progress in dungeons gets reset?

Choose my starter angel, play and then see the angel tab after completing tutorial buy angel for x amount of money for ALL OF THEM they locked the Angel in PAYWALL (Not the Gacha unit, 3 which you pick one at the start of the game and 2 more later in the game). If i see something like character or standard feature that locked in PAYWALL that is a big NOPE for me, i do spend sometimes mostly in monthy card/pass thingy. Welp i’m out And the effect is kinda annoying, too much effect i do say

Basic gacha game, with cute/beautiful characters for you to collect. The game, however, is too grindy, with contant ad-for-prize and close-to-nothing events/contents, which kill the mood after some time. 7/10

The gameplay is pretty good. The graphics are good. The only issues i have are the skill sound effects are very annoying and the game seems to start lagging after watching an ad. Seems like for the sound effects that im playing a tank game lol doesn’t seem too fit with the cute game style this seemed to be going for.

Its juts like Girls x Battle 2, but with less p2p/p2w. You can level up easy and they even give ur free VIP rewards ( very little but at least it’s something). For me it doesn’t crash or lag alot. Definitely gives out a decent amount of free rewards. The gatcha rates are fair. Overall a very nice game.

It fun, but after playing some time I just cant login, alreay try to clear cach restart, noting work

The game was good for me though but your have to make that 3D graphics become very HD and the voice of character too and keep this game update and never shutdown the server

Honestly it’s pretty good and addicting like I’d hoped. There are some bugs (but what’s a game without bugs) I kinda wish there was more voice acting or animations but, being F2P is perfectly viable. The art looks great animation is relatively smooth and I’d recommend this a try. Also dont listen to that 1 star review with all caps probably just a kid who has no patience so he complains about nothing.

I see where they were going with this, and I admire the idea. The game looks great, and graphics are nice, as is the art. However, its gameplay is the real problem. I’m seeing all these special effects but I have very little control over any of it, so the gameplay feels vary empty and dry. If this was a on rails shooter it would have gotten much better reviews im positive. Sadly though, thats not the case. The potential is definitely here, I just don’t think it can shine as an afk game.

Just completed chapter 6, and having fun so far. Upgrades getting more expensive now, do having to play the waiting game for now. I wish there was auto chapter advance, after completing each chapter. Aside from the introduction, I don’t know what the story’s about. I love the characters and overall designs, I wish it had a bit more shading on the models or even more details. I wish I could also upgrade my angel.

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