Smolsies – Watch your baby animals grow

[Game] Smolsies – My Cute Pet House

Smolsies  Play fun games for kids with Smolsies — the cutest squishy pom-pom virtual creatures and your new pets!

Hatch surprise eggs and collect all the pet Smolsies! Watch your baby animals grow! Play, feed and clean up! Merge Smolsies and get new super cute and fluffy animals! Watch your virtual pet Smolsies play with each other! Smolsies talk emoji, so all kids can understand their virtual pets!

Surprise! Collect all 18 new pet Smolsies: dog, cat, hamster, horse, dragon, panda, bunny, bear, even unicorn and unicorn cat — and many more! Put two pet Smolsies into a magical pet merging machine and get a new cute surprise egg! Hatch even more cute baby animals!

Baby pet Smolsies need a lot of love! Play, feed, clean up and watch your virtual pets grow! Wash your little pets and gift them cute hats!

Play fun mini games for kids with pet Smolsies: jumping, basketball, soccer, coloring and hat designing! Play and collect coins and win fun gifts with toys and accessories for your virtual pet house! Find more fun toys to play for kids and baby pets!

Play Smolsies — the sweetest fun virtual pet care game for kids who love cute baby animals, surprise eggs and collecting! Play, hatch, collect and care!

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Smolsies user reviews :

I really love this but want more to play around it. WHAT TO ADD: A village place, includes Mall (to shop for decoration, clothes etc) Parks (to explore the place) Cafes (to shop for foods) An option to see the actual house and to customize it Wish we could plant trees, crops, flowers etc. More games More color choices to the drawing game More drawing pictures Please let the players launch the smolsies on the basketball game rather than to have to wait for it. Also don’t remove the revive ad
  • TutoTOONS
  • Hi, Lindsay! You have so many cool ideas We believe in our development team to make the best decisions for the game, but we will most definitely share your suggestions and keep them in mind when the time to work on updates comes. Thank you very much for sharing!

This game is awsome!!!!! There is soooo many cute pets…..,but sooo many ads!!! I wished that the creator did not ad the ads,then it will be one of favorite game. Try the game and have fun with cute pets!!!!!!! Than kyou fr making this game. I finally finished this game, i got the final pet, i think thix is recomended

I really like this game, it is super cute and fun to play around with. It takes a while for the eggs to hatch but I really think this game is entertaining, when I was younger on my iPad I remember installing this game, it was addictive. (I had every Smolsie.)

This is fun and good and cool but if you keep playing the jumping sky game you will not get anymore gifts cause you played to much, if you play the basketball game it will get harder and harder, there is a rare animal that is black and rainbow but it will take forever to get sooo… good luck trying to get it i give 2 stars for effort for this game and i give it 1 star for no bugs and glitches and 2 stars for the cute animals and together you 5 stars.

So cute ! When you play the little to – do list little thingy you play the first little game , the jumping one , you get another thing to put in you’re house and every time you play a mini game you get another part of you’re house ! At first , there’s just an egg . You tap ( Tap , click , press , whatever you might do ) on the egg multiple times to open it . TRY THIS ADORABLE GAME or ELSE … PLEASE TRY IT !!!! Thank You For Making This Wonderful Game.
  • TutoTOONS
  • Hi! You are welcome! Thank you very much for writing us feedback and rating us 5 star! Also, it’s great to know you would recommend the app to other players If you like little cute pets and hatching, please try Fluvsies and Kpopsies – they are also adorable! Have a wonderful day!

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