Soul Land – Unlock your destined Warsoul

[Game] Soul Land – Awaken Warsoul

Soul Land  In the world of Soul Land, everyone is gifted with an extraordinary superpower: Warsoul.

Warsouls vary in form: beast, plant, weapon, eerie creature…
What is your Warsoul?
Awaken your soul power in SoulLand!


Empyrean Mace, Teal Herb, Mighty Bear… Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Unlock your destined Warsoul!

Customize your skills by combining Auras with various years and effects to gain the upper hand against different types of enemies!

With a wide variety of Warsouls and Auras, you can create more than 100,000 different lineups!

Adapted from the famous novel under the same name, Soul Land invites you to relive the breathtaking stories about growth, friendship, and love.

Soul Land user reviews :

Fairly poorly made game hopefully the next part coming out will be better. Cannot reccomend this to others. You hit a snag with storyline, unlocking new slots etc.. as the game moves from being able to play to requiring you to spend money. I cannot even allocate experience to my characters because I’m highest level available for section and cannot proceed from here. Waste of time.
  • 37games
  • Dear player,If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us again via in game User Center or Email. Best regards.
Well, the game is amazing, and it has so much to do. With world bosses, a story, and alot of cool ways to upgrade your character. Really good.. But there are massive things that makes me upset with the way some aspects are. A time limit on everything, which is a way they try to get you to spend money to get stronger. Speaking of money. They are held bent on getting you to spend so much money, with so little in return. No joke. Enemys, and other players will demolish you. If you don’t pay to win.
  • 37games
  • Hi, there are many free events in the game. We will keep optimizing the game in the future version. If you have any question please contact us. Thanks for your support!
The game itself is fun, and has a decent concept. My issue lies in the way they have the pay to win set up I cant go up in the arena because everyone withing 200 ranks above me has spent money and is too strong to fight. People who put money in the game should be placed in a different arena. Let’s talk about how I need to pay to get my 9th spirit ring. That’s stupid and is not how it should be the claim all option in the sect part makes sense but not that. I have more to say but am limited.
  • 37games
  • Hi, sorry for the inconvenience caused to you, we will pay more attention to this and keep optimizing this. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.
I want to like this game, I really do, but with the wall I just hit, it’s very hard to. I have my first 3 characters, got them to 90 and I’m sitting at the magister 4 rank up battle, except I can’t progress. I can’t beat the fight and boosting my cp has slowed to a crawl because I can’t collect the non-exp rewards for training because my exp is full but everyone is capped so I can’t spend the exp. So it’s either I spend money to get what I need or wait…neither option is appealing.
  • 37games
  • Hi, if you have any question, please open a support ticket by tabbing the CS button in game to contact us or contact our official FB, our staff will reply shortly.
Good gameplay but I downloaded the game in English and it ran in English… Once. From the second time I opened the game, it is all in Japanese (I’m on a Japanese server so it makes sense) but I can’t change it back to English… Essentially, I have no idea what anything does anymore. It’s a real shame. Edit (05/01/2020): was simply told to use a VPN. But now I can’t even connect to servers even though login is successful.
  • 37games
  • Dear player, we are sorry for the inconvenience. As for this issue, we need more details, please kindly contact us via the in-game ticket or via our FB fanpage. Thank you for your support

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