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[Game] Supaplex

Supaplex  The legendary game of superb quality!

One of the best action-puzzle games in the world!

Millions of people around the world have already experienced this joyful adventure! Help Murphy to travel through 111 of the most diverse game levels!

We have also added new features to this incredible adventure! Here are just some of them:



For beginners:
Supaplex CLASSIC – Legendary classic Supaplex!
Supaplex SQUARES – Unusual square levels!

For advanced players:
Supaplex HARD – Complexity and speed!
Supaplex GO! – Run. Run! But do not forget to think!
Supaplex THINK! – Think. Think! And if you need to – run!
Supaplex WOW! – For those who are not afraid of Supaplex HARD!


The “eat-with-a-look” feature. The feature when MURPHY is still, but takes something from the neighbouring cells of the playing field is used quite often. Just tap your finger anywhere on the screen and hold it where you prefer! Arrows will start flashing around MURPHY indicating that he is ready to take something from the neighboring cells of the playing field. Now it is only necessary to specify the destination!


You can change the location, size and brightness of the game control buttons on the screen of your mobile device to your personal preferences!


Make yourself comfortable!
You are about to experience a great adventure!


Supaplex user reviews :

Nice game, but don’t buy the full version from within the game: Supaplex Classic full version is not available in Play Store, so it does not work.
  • inArcade
  • We do not make financial transactions on Google Play. Only Google Play has full control. We checked the game. Everything is fine. If you have questions about payment, please contact Google Play Support.
I would purchase this in a heartbeat, but controls are unresponsive sometimes. It becomes unplayable altogether and you die. Specially the “invisible” button to eat to the sides. Why not just give you choice of making it visible if the player wants. The graphics and music are great. Physics seems as the original game, but the controller is awful. Uninstalled.
  • inArcade
  • Thanks for your feedback! You can customize the location, size and brightness of all control buttons as you like! You can collect them, for example, into a joystick! Or customize for left / right handed! Absolutely as you wish!

I liked it but I think that the retro arcade style was better looking. Also I think there should be an unstuck button.

I’ve played this game when I was 6 on DOS. Map is very well designed, one simple mistake could lead to dead end or trapped. Some stages is pretty easy, some stages is pretty annoying(not hard, just annoying). Run very smooth on my devices. Control bit awkward, sometime I confused between moving and eat-away thingy. Thanks for bringing back this game. Might bought the full version later and I hope the devs will do something about the control.
  • inArcade
  • Thanks for your feedback! You can adjust the location, size, brightness of all control buttons as you like. Any configuration! Instead of the “space” button, just touch the screen where you prefer + arrow. Long touch (2 sec.) to drop a red disc. If you have any questions, MENU -> HELP AND SETTINGS -> HELP -> SUPPORT …

Thank you, guys, very much! Finally I’ve managed to finish all those great Supaplex levels! As a child I stucked around 20th. And it was impossible to go further. Yet, I feel a bit cheater now. :) Cos save/load and also speed features help a lot. Thanks for this great experience and memories!

Retro-classic! Already played the game on DOS when I was small. The mobile version is more difficult than classic PC-version. Some levels (like Eldritch) are impossible since eating adjescent infotrons fast without moving is impossible. Currently stuck! Best played on PC!
  • inArcade
  • Thanks for your feedback! To eat something from an adjacent square without moving. Just tap your finger anywhere on the screen and hold it where you prefer! Arrows will start flashing around MURPHY indicating that he is ready to take something from the neighboring cells of the playing field. Now it is only necessary to specify the destination!

I played this game under the name ‘Willie’ on a PC and really enjoyed it. This is an excellent version, except for where the control buttons and status bar are located. They cover three corners, and even resizing the playing field doesn’t get them out of the way. So if the level you’re on has activity in any of those three corners, you are operating blind. Otherwise, it’s great to be able to play an old favorite again.

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