Tap Town – Train the heros and fight monsters

[Game] Tap Town

Tap Town

  The pinnacle of Tap-based RPG game!

Construct the village, train the heros and fight monsters!

From warriors going forward fluttering yellow hair to fascinating magicians(wizards) blasting away fireballs!

Collect and grow a variety of heros and save the villagers taken by the monsters!

Characteristics of the game
A variety of fascinating heros
Collect diverse heros of many jobs
Raise your own heros and see them grow on and on
Seize the fierce monsters with my powerful heros.

Unique village of my own
Have fun decorating the village of my own with a variety of items
Consider how to be more effective arranging the structures
Enjoy seeing your vaillage flourish on and on

Dungeons full of diversity
Defend endless monsters!
A variety of decoration and buff for monster hunting
A hot battle between heros and monsters. Who will be the final winner?

The tower of challenge awakening your heart!
Heros vs. Heros!! Test their power!
Overwhelming rewards and insurmountable thrill!
Try right now!

Hero Defense Challenge Top!
Where to test for strength!
Heroes vs Heroes The bout of town pride!

World Raid to fight a powerful dragon!
Hunting various dragons to the target!
A powerful ranking system that confronts users around the world !!

Easy to handle and enjoy with Tap.
Earn golds through Tap!
Construct buildings through Tap!
Raise the characters through Tap!
You can enjoy this game even idle play type!

Recommended point

 Easy operation (Tap Tap Tap), hottest battle action!
Fun game!
Challenge tower Defense!
100 vs 1 fight! – Monster Hunting, Dragon Raid
If you like Tap RPG!
You like to grow town & hero!
You can enjoy this game even idle play type!

Tap Town user reviews :

An idle game, but want you to be active. The good thing is there is no annoying rebirth scheme, just constant upgrades. The bad thing is the offline rewards is very small and there are no way to know the measurement, thus the game wants you to be active by tapping all the time. Fun only for first 10 minutes.

Lost over 90 minutes of active playing/tapping. Literal thousands of taps gone because the game failed to save my progress to a server. This is why games and apps that don’t support local saving suck. Save yourself the trouble and skip this game/app.

Neat idle rpg game. It’s not your typical rebirth/ascension clicker. If you dont like your progress constantly being reset, this is a good game to try. Customer service was also prompt in helping with my queries.

for me, it is enjoable game, I started it today and so impressed, I think, then adding more stuff, would be good decrease graphic, or it may lag or crash

game crashes constantly, even when it isn’t open somehow…. this is the only game on my phone that does this, so I know it’s not an issue with my phone(note 9). usually I don’t mind spending money in games, but I regret all of my purchases here. do yourself a favor and skip this one y’all.
  • Honeydew Games
  • Happy to hear that. Please enjoy this game

I set a building to build, and went to bed. 12hours later then 30mins timer have yet to more. So your concept is for player to just keep your game running? How about when your buildings go up to 12hours? Thanks but no thanks, im uninstalling while im still ahead.

Made a purchase on 2 of the unique packages. Havnt recieved the items as of yet. Will update if they show up an how long it takes. Otherwise love the game and been playing quite some time now.

awesome but dont start this game unless you plan on a year grind session. money helps but is not needed. been playing 5 months and im currently top 70 in rank.

hi devs i like your game but i noticed the projectile graphics that dont go to the direction where were shooting. pls do something :D

In next update I think that new stores and dungeon decorations should be there I am waiting for next update and game is nice I love it too much and pls think about new update

Good game but please add more ways to get gems

Great game! Fun grind. Please keep updating!

I love tapping and upgrading this is just what I want.

I love this game is so cute! Keep up the good work developers!

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