Team SIX – Improve your soldiers’ abilities

[Game] Team SIX – Armored Troops

Team SIX  Control 6 types of special units to complete your mission. Top view Squad Strategy shooting battle action game.

Large-scale all-out war,infiltration,Armored warfare using tanks and helicopters,Ranged snipers are also possible.

Various play using 6 classes consisting of Rifleman, Rocketman, Sniper, Medic, Specialist, Sapper.

28 missions.Control various vehicles such as jeep, tank, helicopter.

Rifleman – Reconnaissance, close air support, tank and helicopter calls.The most basic unit.
Rocketman – A powerful unit with anti-tank missiles capable of destroying enemy tanks and helicopters in one shot.
Sniper – All units can be removed with one shot and Long range sniper.
Medic – Heal the injured unit. Squad essential soldier.
Specialist – Fast moving speed,Detect enemy sight,Various tactics are possible with ghost mode.
Sapper – Special unit that detects and removes mines and repairs all vehicles

Upgrade your base facilities and improve your soldiers’ abilities.
Use various weapons, weapon modifications, and equipment for each class.
Experience small battles through various missions.

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Team SIX user reviews :

Game is a solid 9/10 the graphics , art style and mechanics fit it’s theme. It would be a top game if it had multiplayer LAN

Was 5 stars until I encountered a very annoying bug. I surrendered on a mission to start it over and, somehow, my whole crew ended up dead. This was so heartbreaking because they were my best men. I also rage-quitted and uninstalled the app because of it

Team six game is very good, especially the memorial to the soldiers. Once I sent soldiers to do the 16th mission some of the soldiers that I had used for a long time now died because of being hit by a grenade. It’s not enough gems to save him now, that soldier got 3 medals of honor and 7 quest awards. I always go to that memorial to look for his name, there are so many names that it is difficult to find out. In addition, this game is important to be quick and use a trick right?

Amazing game. Lots of guns and equipment. Later missions (at 20 right now) will be challenging, often because of really unfair unit placement. Impossible to hit rpg guys, tanks that will come at you, often reliant on luck. If you get a nice weapon drop in the first Mission, that can make your next 10 missions without any challenge. Controls are fuzzy because the aim reticle will stay in place after you fire, so you can not move it anymore for a couple seconds.

Getting started is a bit rocky but the core gameplay is extremely solid. Controls aren’t the most intuitive but there is a definite sense of improvement when you figure them out and blast some äss. Try survival mode if you’re ever stuck. Edit: Just finished the campaign and noticed the custom tombstones for each and every hero of war. That is some real attention to detail. I would urge any new players to pay the dollar to remove ads after opening the game. These developers deserve every cent.

Very fun game. Reminds me of the Tiny Troopers series! Translation has some lesser quality, but honestly it was always more humorous than frustrating. A few suggestions: -Ability to rename soldiers. I play XCOM, and like that game, I feel attached to my soldiers as they get more experienced and rank up. Naming them as I please would be a further escalation of this. -A specific measurement of civilian opinion. It is really hard to determine how effective the funding building is showing.

Looks like an amazing game, but I can’t control it. My phone has a very poor touch screen which makes aiming with a joysticks impossible on specialist/sniping missions. If I could lock onto a target to throw knives it would be playable. Not the devs fault that my phone sucks though. I’m sure the game controls very well on even a half way decent phone which is why I’m rating it 5 stars. The game play that I got to play was fantastic

So far I’d like to give this game 4 out of 5 star’s because it’s action packed and allows you to strategize before and during a mission, also enables you to drive/pilot different military vehicles and allot of the environment is destructible too. However my rating could possibly change later on as I’ve only finished the 3rd mission so far and obviously there’s still allot more to do yet.

Best game ever makes me feel nostalgic of tiny troopers tho this is better,it feels like your on a battle or on war and many more, that you wont notice tho the problem is the lag on some maps including that has fog or clouds (i think) and on grenade throwing and missile too on those foggy missions and maybe add more missions that you can include on fighting against the enemy country missions or chapter 2 but overall great game,plenty of potential and good story too

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