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Time Arrow  Time Arrow is a count down day recording tool to help you manage important days such as anniversaries, birthdays, repayment days and so on.

There are always days in life that you want to record:

Do you remember your mom’s and dad’s birthday?
How many days have you been born?
What’s the date do you have to pay back your credit card every month?
How many days to get paid?
Will the rent be paid next month?
Do you need a physical examination once a year?
Don’t forget to take medicine at night?
Did you walk the dog today?
Don’t forget to punch in at night?
Did you pay the tuition fee?
What’s the date of this month?

You must have more important days to record…

Function Introduction

Cycle design: a more intuitive display of the annual monthly anniversary.
Count down & Count up: one mode supporting two counting ways.
Quick Recording: No tedious steps, quick preset 1 step to complete.
Card Sharing: One-click Sharing Exquisite Countdown Days Cards to Friends.
Widget: multiple widgets for your choice, quick Preview.

Back up: Keep important information in the cloud without fear of loss (Premium)
Daily Reminder: Date approaching, timely reminder (Premium)
Add to Calendar: Export to system calendar and reminder (Premium)
Secure Access: Password needed when open app each time (Premium)
Hidden Page: flexible display, minimalism to the end (Premium)

About Us
Time Arrow, Easy Period, Sun & Moon

Contact Information
My Email: hanchongzan[at]icloud.com

If you have any suggestions and ideas, you can send messages me at any time. I will continue to develop more good applications.
Thanks for aurwiz’s support to Russian
Thanks for Nantadech’s support for Thai

Time Arrow user reviews :

The app has good features and is really innovative, but there are too many “inappropriate” ads popping up in the free version. I do know how ads work, and I’m certain that the ads shown are not according to my usage and my data, and thus I’m complaining that ads get quite vulgar and inappropriate at times. I can handle ads but not like these sorta ads, please check on this.

Its like so good.. Divided into divisions ie., life, yr, month, week and day..we can see how much days are left..how much % of yr is over and totally really cool app..just try it . also its good way to understand & utilise the tym we have..

A simple software but well serves its purpose. Also, thank you for the quick customer support on purchasing the premium. For the feedback, it has the potential for some more advanced nuances which could be developed by a little touch of creativity on the side of the developer in order to make the product more intuitive.

Excellent app to organise my daily, weekly, and monthly tasks with beautiful widgets. I wish if the developer update the app to post photos in the life timeline events

Couldn’t really imagine to count up the days this so fast. Really chocolate good and it’s premium works exceptionally.

This is an amazing app especially for those that consider time as very precious and want to keep track of everything they do.

Great concept! As others said, a few things could be improved. Having non recurring tasks for day/week would be great, but would be only useful if we could look back at some days (like a sort of time journal) But we can’t because once the day is over, it’s repeating the tasks, I guess a useful app for routine. Adding timespan in the life clock would be good, to know visually how long things took in our lives. (like school etc.)

Great app… but there is one feature missing. The only reason I don’t give this an instant 5 stars is I can’t view my past life experiences that I recorded. I want to have this app recording all the things I do till I die so I can look back on it all but there isn’t a feature where I could just click the year at the top left and then change it to go backwards.

Amazing Concept, so many bugs. Wow the visuals are great and it’s nice to look at but why is my birthday listed 3 times and every time I try to delete it or edit it it just adds another birthday event. for someone with OCD trying to use an app designed to be clean this drives me crazy. Come on, it’s so close to being a great working app

I got this app and was really impressed, so much do I brought the premium version, something I just don’t do. Unfortunately when you shut the app it logs you out…and your premium is then Gone! Contacted support they said they knew about this problem, I was to log in and the update the app, Trouble is I can’t remember my password, and there’s no retrieve it button, and support arnt replying now….so I’m disappointed. Shame really as it’s put me off paying for any apps in the future

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