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[App] Timestamp camera – Auto Datetime Stamper

Timestamp camera  People always care for their time and love remembering the exact date and time of events happening in life, people tend to keep memories of time worth spending.

So here we are with the new Timestamp camera: Auto Date Time Stamper App, you can easily add Datetime text on Photo.

Effectively add watermark to photos and add captions to pictures that are captured by the built-in camera from Auto timestamp camera. Copyright your photos with the logo and signature stamp.

New Features for you

Video stamp: Yes, now you can also add stamps on video. Record video with all the stamps present on it.
Stamp background color: You can change stamp background-color along with font shadow color & transparency settings.
Folder Selection: You may arrange your photos in folders

multi language support updated

Benefits :

Auto Add date timestamp – Easily add date time stamp to the photos.
Auto Add Text on Photo – Write an illustrative subtitle to pictures.
Image Protection – Auto watermark and secure your pictures by watermarking.

Each basic component that you need, is stuffed in this single Timestamp camera: Auto Datetime Stamper i.e. auto stamp application!

1. Date and Time Stamp

Stamp Toggle Auto-add date timestamp to capture photos. You can either include custom stamps of ‘The present Date and Current Time’ to the pictures OR edit before capturing the image’!

Date & Time Format Select the format of datetime from the list of odd Formats.

Stamp Size Ranging from T, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Select your choice of time and date stamp size & add it in pictures.

Stamp Style You can select your Style from multiple options available.

Stamp Position Try not to let the custom stamps sit at a similar spot! Pick a fitting watermark position: Top Left – Top Right – Bottom Left – Bottom Right

Stamp color change the shade of Text that makes your camera pictures look progressively alluring. You can set the Transparency level too.

Stamp background color Set best-fitted background stamp i.e. color contrast to your picture color tone, as stamp details may get visible properly.

2. Signature Stamp

Make your own sign for photos! Include your name as a mark on the photograph. Toggle ON/OFF the stamp.

3. Logo Stamp

Logo Stamp toggle : This is an ON/OFF switch given by Timestamp camera app to the pictures that you catch!

Upload or Change logo Image This is quite a unique feature, where You can easily add Logo image wherever you want on the Screen

Logo Transparency On a scale of 1 to 100, You can adjust the transparency level.

Logo Size Here you have a percentage ratio option for adjusting the size of a logo.

Logo Position

Top Left Top Right Bottom Left Bottom Right

4. GPS Stamp

When you are at an exotic place celebrating your special occasion, our geotagging feature will assist you by adding GPS Geolocation (Current or Custom Stamps/Geostamp/GPS map stamp) on your pictures. Explorers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Spy, and others can get the ’Area Marking’ feature!

Turn ON Location in your android cell phone and ‘Time Stamp Camera’ will become a GPS Map Camera for you.

5. Sequence Stamp Add numbers & set sequence for your photos

6. Add Tags Get photo tags & hashtags stamped on pictures

7. Altitude Find Altitude stamped on photos

8. Speed Measure your speed while clicking photos & get speed stamp on pictures

Just get this Timestamp camera app on your phone & you are ready to use it in 1, 2, 3, 4, So, on.

Capture photo from Timestamp camera > Select appropriate date & time > EDIT Signature text > CHOOSE Brand Logo > & stamped!

Go and Install Timestamp camera: Auto Datetime Stamper App & start sharing your memorable moments with your dear ones on social sites.

Timestamp camera user reviews :

[EDIT] After updating, the crash problem is fixed. [/EDIT] ★✔PROS⇨ 1. Cam Rec & Vid Rec features. 2. Time Stamp & GPS Stamp for both Cam Rec & Vid Rec. 3. Signature Stamp (Free Text/Image) for both Cam Rec & Vid Rec. 4. Customizable Time Stamp & GPS Stamp. 5. Separated Colorful Stamps. 6. Time Localization. 7. Multi Langs. 8. Ease of use. • ☆✖CONS⇨ 1. No LIVE Time Stamp for Video Rec. • Overall, a nice & cool App. • I bought it along with GPS Map Camera Lite, & got pleased by far. • Thanks

Good camera app which fullfills my need of having date and timestamp on photos and videos. There is only one glitch I experince is that when ever newer version is available/released existing installed version stops working and not able to open without prompting any message to end user. Hope team will work on fixing this issue.

Excellent updated to the mobile phone. Correct stamp the date.

Where is the feedback directly from app? It has a number of glitches and I would appreciate getting the feedback from a tab within the app. Now I have only found an email link that takes time and effort and one has to feed all details in manually

Works great on Samsung S9. Does everything they claim it does.

Not working after update

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