Vamp – Bloody vendetta has begun

[Game] Vamp – Lord of Blood

Vamp  It’s been 100 years after Asgard’s most legendary and fierce battle between Dragon and heroes!

Heroes successfully protect Asgard, but not all people got saved…
Because of heroes and dragon, poor vampire brother and sister become homeless at once.
Now homeless vampire siblings’ bloody vendetta has begun!

What actual VAMP is this?

Handmade MEGA cute pixel graphic!
We grind wholesome artists and extract 100% natural pixel graphics! Please enjoy!

Very traditional Hack and Slash!!
One shot One SLAUGHTER! Annihilate crowd of monster with cool skill! Feel the fresh hit satisfaction!

Hello there? MONSTA here!
‘Why can’t we use skills?’ said monsters. So we made them use their skills! Survive between monster’s skill and projectiles!

Nope! Not COPY and PASTE characters anymore!
Millions of items and cute costumes! Build your own skill combination and make your unique vampire!

A good game to play while waiting for Diablo 2 queue!
Please refer to the official page for more updates.

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Vamp user reviews :

this game is bloddy darn amazing! even with small issues and pretty small maps it’s still really detailed by each pixel! i love it but please make bigger maps to fight/explore on

Downloaded this game on a whim, then was shocked by how genuinely good the game is. The only issues I have are the energy and leveling. The energy isn’t even that bad of an issue, it just irritates me when I can’t keep playing a game that I enjoy. The leveling is an issue because of how long it takes to actually level up. Could I suggest bigger xp boosters?

Too many ads for a boring gameplay. I see what devs tried to do but they really need to add more skills if they want it to be interesting, currently there are too few options in terms of skills and gameplay is very repetitive even during the first hour. There are too many ads, I think I have spent more time watching ads than playing. Also as a person with color blindness I have a VERY hard time telling rarities from each other, please make it easier to tell them apart.

fun game. it is really relaxing to play and also has a good depth when building your character, with items and skills. promising game, not p2w and really interesting. would love to see this game grow a lot. with content and events, I’m sure this game has a bright future. Also, maybe something could be done to have something to “play” or “grind” while you have no energy? Just so you don’t just have to stop playing everytime :(
  • kikike Corp.
  • Hello. This is ‘Vamp’. Thanks for your review. We will keep you entertained with updates for more interesting content and cute graphics, befitting your review. If you have an idea that can make this Vamp more improved, please let us know at support[at] Thank you.

Ok so I really enjoy playing. I like the three choices of attacks and then the variety they all have. I wish I had more portal uses but I don’t mind too much. I’m not giving five of five cause I feel like the game is missing content. My review will change if that changes. All and all a good time waster with some strategy

This game is surprisingly good, the overall experience is pretty good. Coming from diablo I understood many things, but many other things might not be very clear for new players, it took me a while to realize that item upgrades or downgrades are only for materials and not for armors. Also, rifts provide similar items whose purpose is unclear, I am guessing their purpose will be made clear when I get to lvl 100. It must be very confusing for newcomers.
  • kikike Corp.
  • Hello. This is ‘Vamp’. Thanks for your review. Sadly many Vamps were confused about what is orbs do actually. It is probably a lack of clear explanation. We will try to improve it. Thank you.
This is a good game, however I think the Skills area needs an improvement, it’s hard for new players to know when to unlock the next major skill, so i think something needs to be added in that regard, also i don’t think the energy thing’s an issue, the people who think that clearly haven’t played alot of games and this game incorpates it much better than a lot of other games.
  • kikike Corp.
  • Hello. This is ‘Vamp’. Thanks for your review. If you have an idea that can make this Vamp more improved, please let us know at support[at] Thank you.

Actually a super fun and cute game. You play as a male or female vampire and u can control them via analog stick. When u stop moving them, they will attack anything within range. Imagine a bullet hell rpg and thats what this game is. The only thing dislike is having to deal with energy as if im playing some old facebook game from 2004. Would much prefer to be able to grind indefinitly. Or even do a 1-time payment to grind like that

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