VERSUS REALM WAR – Be the unified monarch of the great civilizations


VERSUS REALM WAR  Welcome to the epic battle of civilizations and historical heroes,

Your access to the game will spark the war.
Will you conquer! Or Will you be conquered!
The next step of strategic games! Rule the vast empire.
Be the unified monarch of the great civilizations.

Produce and gather resources.
Recruit commanders and train troops for a strong army.
Deploy a commander in each building in the city for rapid development.
Use the traits and skills of each commander to conquer the monsters and enemies around you.
You are not alone, form a league, and fight against stronger enemies.

Game features

Real-time play with users all over the world.
Collecting resources, construction, production, and deployment in one place! Smart&easy management system.
Dozens of legendary commanders from different civilizations! Collect the commanders easily, make strong growth.
In-depth strategy play using various types of soldiers, including infantry, cavalry, archers, and sorcerer, and commanders.
A variety of missions, achievements, and endless events will guarantee your time fly.
Battle of civilizations with flashy visuals and solid sounds.
Non-stop battles day and night to the thrilling battle of the emperors.
A strategy game for everyone to play anytime, anywhere for free.

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Smartphone App Access Guide

Smartphone App Access Guide
We request access to your device to provide the following services when using the app.

Optional Access Permissions
Photos/Media/Files: In-game Customer Center, Used to Share Images in Live Chat
The service is available even if you do not agree to allow optional access.

How to withdraw access permissions
Android 6.0 or later
Setup > App > Permissions > Permission List > Accept or withdraw access
Android 6.0 or less
Upgrade your operating system to withdraw access, or delete apps

The app may not provide the individual consent function
and access permissions can be withdrawn using the method above.

VERSUS REALM WAR user reviews :

I LOVE this game. played from the first 19 kingdoms before all the sever merges made 2 original severs. BUT now in sever 3 the new AI set I have a big ISSUE.. [HERO CARD PACKS! gone.] horrible decision. now a stupid inboard tavern with a card matching game like kindergarten. needs fixed desperately. mew players already quitting befor they get to see how wonderful the game is.
  • J’sONE
  • Greetings, dear lord. We are sorry for your inconvenience. We have answered your inquiry through the mail. Please check your email. Thank you.
I increased my rating from 3 to 4 star because the developers respond fast in my review. I will make it five star if you will add more features in the game. Adding something like a daily special monster event or weekly realm monster event is a good thing to start. Also, I found your game very interesting and the fact that your game is not pay to win helps you in inviting more players. I hope that you continue to update this game and keep it friendly to both free gamers and those paying gamers.
  • HVgate
  • Hello. Lord. I left a review because there was a regrettable part in the game tutorial. We will improve so that the Lord can better understand the game. Thank you.
This game is well made and super fun everybody should try at least once don’t knock it until you try it.
  • HVgate
  • Hello. Lord. Thanks for your review. We ask for your continued interest in the future. Thank you.
Wonderful game. I love it. I’m I’m emporer of kingdom 10, leader of JoD.. I’m a free player, you dont have to have cash to grow. There was alot of network issues but now after the 1.0.0142 update system works great. Very happy now. Thank you Versus for all your help..
  • HVgate
  • Greetings, dear lord. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR. It is a relief to see that you can access after updating to 1.0.0142 via Google Play Store. Have a great day with VERSUS: REALM WAR. Thank you.
I loved the game and played in many kingdoms.. I’m now emperor of kingdom 10 with my team JoD .. but now I’m very upset , for the past 24 hours the game says network failure.. iv uninstall the game and done everything possible to try and get into my kingdom.. please please help me.. I’m so active I spend 10 or more hours a day playing.. the net work issue needs to be fixed. As of now I cant event start over with a new account or anything. Would be a 5 star game if fixed
  • HVgate
  • Greetings, dear lord. This is VERSUS: REALM WAR. Please try to connect one more time when we update the build to 1.0.0132 version at Google Play Store. We will strive to offer you the most comfortable service. Thank you.
Only reason i’m not giving it 5stars is cos all tiers of soldiers look alike they need to change that i mean am at t7s and my troops look like t1s no difference they need to change that
  • HVgate
  • Hello, dear lord. Thanks for your suggestion, we will send it to our developers and make better game for you! If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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