Way of Retribution Awakening – Every encounter with the enemy is a challenge

[Game] Way of Retribution Awakening

Way of Retribution Awakening  Start your adventure with sword and magic, increasing your experience and enchanting weapon in a fantasy open world.

Constant improvements, updates that contribute to the development of the project, the project is growing every day!

Combat system
Every encounter with the enemy is a challenge, an enemy behind any wall. Freedom of battle, goal capture characteristic of the game genre.
Battle with elite enemies, invasion of alien worlds, battle companions. Co-op and pvp in a fully seamless world.

Deep character development and customization system
A full-fledged appearance editor.
A huge number of weapons, equipment and skills, the complex will organize a unique character class, with any bias.

Official communities
Find out all the latest news from social networks.
Discord: discord.gg/juTh9kg

The minimum amount of RAM

… There was light and darkness. In places where the light faded and the darkness become explicit, was their merger, which formed the worlds. In clots of light and in the opposite – darkness, emerged top – gods. Gods not always has been going on conflict, unlike their adherents of,divinely begotten, which in turn tried to stand on the rung with deity or even exceed.

And once one creature, with a dark soul managed to overthrow the powerful gods, which is why the balance of the world came to naught, the boundaries became blurred, creatures of different origins got out of their territories, conflicts formed.

A world of harmony and calm has become a battlefield with no boundaries. The brave warriors put their heads in an attempt to preserve a shred of hope to hold the chaos, the restoration of peace. Many once prosperous places lost their greatness and became strongholds of hope and protection for the survivors.

The wrath of the surviving gods was turned into a bridge of souls, by which they could be reborn, but at the cost of their current life. For the return of the soul needed the beacons, they began to build around the world. Many began to forget their purpose, meaning of existence, each time returning, becoming more mad and aimlessly wandered the world in search of himself, collecting nuggets of knowledge, dying, lost all faith, memory, intelligence. Sacrificing themselves, deities, created an endless cycle of reincarnation, thereby aggravating the fate of the worlds. They are gone lost.

The battle continues for centuries, perhaps even millennia, no one knows for sure. Creature holding your mind from madness and gloom, by combining essences of light and darkness, created man, who in turn were supposed to end the endless battle.

People, creations of the nameless, and fought on the light side and against. Capturing relics, dead creatures, people became more powerful than the creators themselves, but the vicious cycle of reincarnation did not bypass them. Kingdoms were built, protected by relics, in which there was an illusion of harmony, beyond the borders of the war did not fade. The war people were able to own the artifacts of any opposites. Studying the relics of the original, divinely generated, some became defiled, carriers of greater power than their soul could accept, thus they became deities, new gods.

Awake and lead the people to hope…

Way of Retribution Awakening user reviews :

When I first started playing this game it was good, I heard it had been better in previous versions. With the latest update it has made progressing much harder. You can’t get a weapon past +15 without paying for it or driving yourself mad trying to farm enough scrolls. The gem system is also jacked up, you can use 60+ gems and not get a good inlay. The developers need to make certain things easier and need to stop allowing players to hack the game. Hacks are running free and the devs don’t care.

Hey a suggestions: add more frames to the animations, especially rolling, and increase the travel distance of the rolling so that the game don’t look like a cheap souls-like anymore. Everything just feels to buttery and it’s kinda like the world has no friction at all. And for some reason, even in offline mode, sometimes my character’s attack didn’t register, so they just hit the air and become vulnerable to hits. Anyways good improvement on the games, it’s not laggy anymore so it’s great.

Great experience so far game is great. Wish could add in a chest to keep goods in so you don’t have to carry everything with you all the time. Plus make the chest so you can use it with all your characters. Also it would be nice if it was just a tad bit easier to get items and materials to upgrade your gear or to make end gear. Otherwise fun game play it when I can when I am not working.

Loving the game so far, just something I need to mention. This game is getting updates at some crazy rates so I hope this keeps up. Now, I really feel like the game needs a better stunlock system. As in, after one hit the character or the enemy cannot hit you immediately. Maybe a short animation plays where they’re backed off or hit. Because most of the times now I just see myself and the mob spam hitting one another.

This game is great the pvp system and co op are really good the way u guys have designed how players interact w one another its challenging to play solo and a joy to play w others the lvls are pretty big and puzzling at time which is great. There are a few odds and ends that could be polished up but I’m hopeing to be able to play this for years to come thanks for a great game guys

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