Wings of Steel – Diverse and challenging missions

[Game] Wings of Steel

Wings of Steel  Wings of Steel is an action-packed World War II air combat flight simulator.

Combining beautiful 3D graphics, realistic physics, diverse and engaging gameplay, and intuitive controls optimized for mobile devices, It’s an immersive and fun air combat game for your phone and tablet!


Detailed and accurate WWII planes, ships and vehicles from both the Allies and the Axis.
Vast and beautiful environments with weather and time-of-day variation.
Wide variety of playable planes and weapons each with unique and upgradable characteristics.
Diverse and challenging missions including carrier landing, dogfight, dive bombing, torpedo bombing, escort, and much more.
Advanced flight physics tuned to be both realistic and fun.
Intuitive controls optimized for mobile devices.
Cinematic Replay Mode let you relive the glory or examine what went wrong after every mission.
Small download size (<75MB) and performance efficient. Runs very smooth at 60fps on average devices.

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Wings of Steel user reviews :

This is the best flying game I’ve played in Google yet. The adds are not even a problem but help getting fuel too play on. Graphic’s are wicked attackers, deadly foes who try air to air Hari Kari tactics that are aggravating but realistic. Without paying you are able to advance at a slow but doàble pace. If you want to get there quicker with $50.00 or less you can but beware you may lose it. I invested $100.00 and one day my phone crashed and I had to factory reset and lost all data

It’s a very good game. The controls are easy to use and it’s really fun. The only problem is it’s hard to get money and gold when you need to upgrade a plane for a hard mission or buy a plane for a certain mission so could u please add daily rewards so we can get a little bit of credits each day or a few gold. If you add this I’ll give it 5 stars and call it one of the best games iv downloaded, thanks!!

One of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. For many reasons: 1. Barely any ads, if you do get one only lasts 5 seconds (rare for mobile games these days) 2. Actually challenging for once (although some ppl rate low cuz of difficulty) 3. Many hours of gameplay, not repetitive, many different missions 4. great graphics, the skies can almost be compared to microsoft’s flight simulator 5. Truely Free! not one of those games where you end up having to pay to progress or compete with other players

This game could be amazing, but is disappointing. The graphics and game play are fantastic. But the gold system is lame and obviously meant to make you pay for upgrades. The upgrades for the 2 best planes are 320 and 400 gold. And 400 gold is 10 bucks. Meaning you’ll need to spend 160 bucks for the upgrades since there’s no other way to get gold. For an android app, really? Why can’t you buy gold with the money you win in missions ? It should be an option for people who paid at least once (like myself).
  • Illusion Magic Studio
  • Thanks for your suggestion We will gather all the feedback and make adjustments in the future updates. It is possible to complete all missions without spending real money, but it’s not easy. You can play Survival mode or repeat the missions you’ve completed to earn credits to buy new plane.
Love the game, completed all levels and still play it for fun. After completing all levels you only receive cash prices, and you can’t convert cash into gold. Yet there is nothing left to do with cash. Would love to be able to use planes with a low pr rating on all levels, just to see how far I can go, more levels would be great.
  • Illusion Magic Studio
  • Congratulations Thanks for your suggestion We will keep working on it
The only killer of this game is that it double charges you for fuel if you have to leave the game and return later. Fix that, and it’ll be a good game. Otherwise, no good. (response): I am aware of that, however… really, who wants to watch extra ads? It would be inevitable to watch them, so no double-dipping. Nobody likes ads. I know it’s your revenue, but I’d rather pay for it… [Update] getting better, but – mission 6 is missing the bomb reticule. Is this a bug?
  • Illusion Magic Studio
  • Your plane is equipped with torpedoes, not bombs, in that mission. The altitude you drop the torpedo is not that critical. Anywhere below 100 feet is fine. Torpedoes in WW2 are not guided and only go in a straight line in the water. If the ship is moving, you have to anticipate its movement and aim the torpedoes “”ahead”” of the ship.
Would like to see more realistic air speed change with climbing and diving. Also, is there a way to see where your bombs/torpedoes drop during gameplay? You can sometimes see it during replay, but it would be nice to see it during gameplay. A rear view? Thank you for your response, you guys rock!
  • Illusion Magic Studio
  • Thanks for your suggestion We will gather all the feedback and see what we can do in the future updates. Thanks again We will keep working on it

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