Woodagram – It is great for stress relieving

[Game] Woodagram – Classic Wood Block Puzzle & Jigsaw

Woodagram  Ready for a fun trip to Woodagram that helps recharge and relieve stress?

Just match the wood block puzzle! Woodagram- Classic Wood Block Puzzle & Jigsaw Game is a relaxing puzzle game. It is great for stress relieving while challenging yourself.

How to play:
Relax while Woodagram- Classic Wood Block Puzzle & Jigsaw Game gently trains your brain. Match and stack the wooden blocks vertically & horizontally to smash and get rid of them. Once there’s no more space for new blocks, the round is over! This puzzle block matching game seems simple, but not easy to beat. However Woodagram is always fun and relaxing.

Block Puzzle Gameplay:

Place the wooden cubes & blocks onto the board
Stack blocks vertically & horizontally to smash them
Once you can’t place any more blocks, the round is over!
Match as many blocks as you can to get a higher score!

1. Detailed handcrafted wood blocks
2. Straightforward gameplay, nothing stressful
3. Randomly generated blocks and special challenges to keep entertained!
4. Straightforward design, all about the basics
5. No time limit, take your time with the puzzles
6. Offers off-line mode, available without WiFi
7. Small file size, available for most devices
8. Free! No fees required!

Woodagram- Classic Wood Block Puzzle & Jigsaw Game is just the type of relaxing game to challenge your IQ and your luck without giving you a headache. Give it a shot, download now!

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Woodagram user reviews :

Love this game. It’s fast paced, and you can play for hours.

Very addicting, not many ads,like some aps

Fantastic game. Use your brain to full or else, lose.

The puzzles are good, but in order to collect the 75 coins after each one is successfully completed, you are forced to watch 2 ads. When they’re done & you press the Play button, you’re forced to watch 1 or 2 more before the new puzzle is displayed. I put up with this for exactly 10 levels, then realized that it took about 10 secs to complete a puzzle, but 60 to 90 secs to grind through the ads. UNINSTALLED!!

I’ve been playing this game forever, it’s my favorite block game. About 2 weeks ago I tried buying a package from the store & it declined my purchase. I checked my card information, bank balance even added an alternate payment method, the same result, purchase declined. I purchased a package on another game so its not a block on my card. Frustrating because I don’t mind spending a little money on a quality game. Please fix so I can continue playing this great game!

I really forward to playing this game. It’s so relaxing and engaging.

Was fun at first til it crashed on me then updated by itself without any warning (i have settings set to Do Not Update). After the update it was ok but i cant play it offline and yesterday my high score and rotations were reset down to 0

this game is great if I got a chance to continue playing it! Every 15 seconds it freezes and returns to my home screen. I have to reopen the app and wait 30secs or more before it opens to continue the game…at which time I only have the chance to make 2 moves before restarting AGAIN!! It says some type of error message which I can’t read before it disappears. Something about not being able to pull something up?? Help!! To revise the above, the issue was within the phone I had, not this game

It was good when I first started and I could earn multiple turn-arounds. But then it changed without warning and I had to clear lines with stars…and get 3 of them…to earn 1 turn-around. Then today, again without warning, a t-shaped group of blocks showed up that could not be turned around. Hard to build points, no fun anymore. I won’t be playing anymore.
  • Top Puzzle Master
  • Hi, thanks for your report! We have located this bug and it will be resolved perfectly in the latest version which releases today. Hope you can enjoy it!
Exactly what others are saying. Was a good, clean playing game. Enjoyed it for quite some time. Some “upgrade” happened without notice or warning and now completely unusable. Try rotating these new t shapes, locks up and game over. Hate to delete it but doubt I have much choice. Shame.
  • Top Puzzle Master
  • Hi, thanks for your report! We have located this bug and it will be resolved perfectly in the latest version which releases today. Hope you can enjoy it!

Great game. Very great on how you can a spot, but the cpu’s gonna open your eyes with a hint if you didn’t catch it the first time. Cool game

Loving this game. Gives you enough time with easy strategies before increasing to a little more challenging ones. That way you you have learned enough to be euthanized rather than frustrated as game advances. Fun game.

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