World of Kings – You must light the flame of hope

[Game] World of Kings

World of Kings  The war rages on.

As the shadow of the Black Dragon looms large over the planet of Ideon, you must light the flame of hope to deliver the world from endless darkness. Take up arms against this powerful evil, hero, and become the realm’s long-waited savior!



Make Your Hero
Choose your favorites from:
4 races, each with their own story;
9 classes with 27 unique advanced specializations;
More than 100 different mounts and pets that will satisfy the collector in you;
And distinctive fashion styles that set you apart from the others!

Dozens of dungeons with multiple difficulty levels
Tank, healer, DPS—shine in your role and carry your team
Obtain legendary gear from dungeons
Party sizes ranging from 5 to 25

Engage in real-time PVP battle to claim ultimate glory!
Capture flags, carts, and resources—different paths to victory!
Enormous 20-on-20 battleground maps where you fight for honor!
Randomly generated PVP maps and massive guild battles make for unforgettable encounters!

Realistic In-Game World
A 26 square kilometer map waiting for you to explore its every nook and cranny.
An expertly told, background-rich story with unique characters.
Tundra, desert, tropical jungle—enjoy the breathtaking scenery while hunting for hidden game clues!

Make friends with players from all around the world.
Talk with each other in-game, communication is the key for overcoming obstacles.
Join a guild and help building your own stronghold.
Add friends to stay in touch with them whenever, wherever!

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World of Kings user reviews :

This game deserves some credit for the things it does well. It has good variety in classes and races, auto game play that can be turned off and is not necessary to play it, well designed landscape and a lot of different systems. There are some minor gripes, but when you consider that it is a successfully implemented mmo with the requisite simplicity for mobile play, it’s pretty good. Don’t look for deep immersion, but if you’re after a quick and dirty mmo fix, this one is better than most.

Been playing this game now for 2 and a 1/2 years love it you need to download it and try it out is like no other. If anybody remembers Runes of Magic or Everquest!! this is the game for you.

Great game but I got as far as I could without paying or raiding. I would love to see more content. Since Sept 1st I haven’t been able to download the patch it keeps saying failed to connect. So 1 star for now to get their attention because I don’t know where to out in a bug report. Sorry wok, but you need to be aware that some people cannot get on your game.

so many people on here are quick to judge that they released a pre download and are upset because the servers are not officially out yet. relax it’s not like you paid for the game. they are making sure it’s perfect when its released. take your negativity back to your p2w games.

refuse to give it a bad review for a messy launch, this is getting silly though, been trying every hour since launch and no success :( its starting to look like you need a new launch date because this is getting harsh on players spending time waiting and trying to log in, good luck designers but this is getting out of control for a launch

Edit: This is really good. Remeniscent of WoW. Character creation is alright, but the choice in race/class is unusually open for a mobile mmo, which is great. game play is smooth so far, i dont enjoy the inclusion of auto-play, that norm needs to be stopped. The queue also needs to go. when i wanna try to get down during breaks or such short moments, i want to be able to. Double Edit: I hate this game. It won’t let me go. I did not need this poison in my life. 5 outta 5 stars. Bastards.
  • PLZ try it again, my bro. We are fixing these kinds of problems right now. And if it’s work, could u change the comment to 5 stars? Thx a lot.

God damnit people, developers listened to the people and realeased it early for PRE-DOWNLOAD. Servers will open in exactly 3 hrs and 20 mins from now… Keep your 1 star reviews in case you play it and don’t like it….

so far this game is amazing, great graphics, lots of classes to choose from, fair customization of colour of skin and eyes etc… there is a lot of classes to choose from and game play can be auto and non auto. so far really looks promising.

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