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World of Prandis(WOP)
Real MMORPG (Full3D Seamless OpenWorld MMORPG)
Seamless open world (Not loading world to moving) and Fly anywhere
Two regions Vir and Femina (It is hostile to each other)
3 tribes (Haru, Human, Truk by 2 Gender)
6 classes (Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Assassin, Mage, Warlock)
4000+ Monsters and 2000+ user in one World
Party, Guild, Couple system
Realtime field PVP and Arena, dungeon, battleground, raid
Job skills (Etc. Mining, gathering, fishing, cooking, playing instruments)

World of Prandis user reviews :

Have only been playing a few days but enjoying it this far. Plenty to do, different races, classes, and skills. It’s got so much to do I feel kind of lost right now. There’s 3 different currencies and there is plenty to choose from with all 3. Wished for more of a tutorial to guide me but each day I learn something new. If you have time and are patient then I believe you will enjoy this title.

Yep this is mmorpg, but they kinda lie about non-auto feature when it actually does exist lol but still compare to other ones i tried when they just gloss over it with super shiny skill and can play by itself for whole day, i’d say i like this more, so recommended not a waste of time

This game gives you a lot of exploration. The grinding is easy and friendly for beginners. On the other hand, the game lacks content such as customization and the quests. Repeatedly doing the same quest over and over has increased boredom. There is no background story, it’s just you creating a character and there you go. The controls are frustrating sometimes. I’ve reached level 40 but still did not find what I need from a mmo.

this is a really fun game so far. i enjoy the concept of the non auto mechanics, as well as the fact that i dont feel locked down into the storyline. i would give this a five star if you could edit the pc version. i cant move with the keyboard and that’s basically a huge handicap. if you could control with W A S D, that would be amazing.

nice and good grapics..the grapics are similar to my old school online game ROSE ONLINE by:triger soft,level up games..keep it up guys…wish u will add more mobs to level the character fast.and try to add the auto pilot mode…so thats why while im working my character will level up it self..

so far so good, no autoplay wich is the best about this game, realistic gameplay pretty good graphics. worth trying it

My favorite mmorpg was WoW and this game gives me exactly what I liked about WoW. I’ve been looking for an mmo like this. I tried a lot of mmos on mobile butI know for sure that this one will have my interest for a long time. All the things I’m looking for in a mmorpg is in this game: battlefield, arena, world boss raids, and dungeons. Both PvE and PvP is great. I’m giving it only 4 stars because of poor English translation and restrictions to control settings. But over all, It’s a fantastic game

Honestly this game is awesome, but the menus are very complex and it takes a while to understand most things as a beginner, and the quests are very boring, you go to place, kill some things, pick up other things, then you repeat in a different location EDIT: you need to make questing better, if ya do that the game will definitely be a 5* in my books

The mechanics are pretty standard for mobile mmorpgs. The control has a nice autorun feature, but the battle controls take up so much of the right part of the screen it’s hard to pan the camera. Maybe make an active camera and do away with manual pan might help. The glaring hole in this game however is the story. There’s just enough to give you a setting, but that’s it. For those who like a game that has little to offer other than gameplay it’s probably good, but I was left with a restless feeling. There’s little motivation for me to quest if the only reason is to level up.

The game is good, lots to do, easy to level up. There is no tutorial, at all. I have 2 level 30ish characters and still don’t know what a few buttons do, the dungeons don’t seem to work. I’ll queue up and than get stuck on the loading screen. Decent game that needs work.

Only got 4 stars due to a few major bugs. Once these are fixed it will gain a start. Ive created a guild, can see other members that have the guild name under their IGN but i dont have it under my IGN. Also i cant use the guild chat, help!

Last Update :

Fixed an issue where the Action Button state would reset while fishing
Fixed an issue where aggro of Crystal Spiders would reset while still being engaged

Contact developer :


Video :

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