World of Submarines – Submarine armada is awaiting your commands

[Game] World of Submarines – Navy Shooter 3D

World of Submarines  Join real-time tactical FREE war shooter deep in the sea, submarine armada is awaiting your commands, destroy enemies with deadly torpedoes in intense and realistic 3D underwater naval battles. New unique tactical shooter gameplay in the world of war games!

One of the best wargame 3d shooters is finally here! As action packed as any shooter it offers both MMO action navy submarine third person shooter and deep strategic decisions. No other boat war shooter featured so many real submarines equipped even with echo depth sounders!

Dive in to launch atomic missiles and torpedoes and train your crew. Enemy is on the raid on the battlefield find and destroy him with your underwater sea monster, a real navy leviathan! Marine forces inspired action brings 3d sea battles and submarine sniper shooting. War boats on duty are capable of taking on enemy battleships, but their target is deeper – to hunt and sink armored submarines in a realistic war of nations. It’s time invade enemy waters in a quick blitzkrieg!

Try out WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy War 3D Shooter Game. Hide in the deep without a sound, track enemy vessel and fire with precision. Immersive tactical navy shooter will throw in a combat with real time PvP. Master the art of sniper or direct attacks, dominate the battlefield in a 3d marine shooter. Realistic submarines fleet is ready to conquer and control enemy seashore, war is about to begin for all military nations!

War shooter game is one of the best navy battle simulations, authentic torpedoes and atomic linear submarines of USSR, Russia, US and China. Real players from all around the globe are ready to face the challenge in MMO sea skirmish. Find enemy on the radar, aim and fire! Duelling and mass battles are here with ultimate sea warfare experience in WORLD of SUBMARINES.

Dozens of real life submarines
Upgrade and improve your submarine fleet in intense team battles
Tactical battles on real-life vessels from USSR, Russia, US and China
Unlock most dangerous of underwater sea hunters and upgrade their stats for the total domination
Battles in the deep sea, near the dockyards and all around the world

Immersive real time battles
Furious team naval battles – join your allies to be victorious in any conflict
Top notch graphics, stunning location well fit for a tactical action war shooter
Master the submarine control and dive in! The goal is to spot, scout and sink enemy ships, you decide to torpedo enemies in close combat or barrage them from afar like a juggernaut.

Meaningful game progress
Earn experience, tons of loot and equipment in online battles
Best Naval forces guns and weapons, get the best ones and devastate the enemy lines
Upgrade your torpedoes and equipment, customize the boat to boost its stats
Super detailed submarines from the 20th century till modern days. Choose your side in the global conflict! Follow the wargame strategy from the origins of underwater battles.

Easy controls
Intuitive control and easy interface won’t leave you struggling to master the learning curve of naval warfare!

Our multiplayer PvP naval shooter is completely FREE to download!

Perfectly drawn battlefield textures, beautiful sky and islands, vivid sea. We created a next-level naval shooter. Regular updates and new elements are waiting for you in online multiplayer games of 2018.

Join naval submarine battles which will surpass your expectations! If you like war games, shooters, and real time battle as well as mmo this is a war game for you!

Dear users! Please write us on the mail or in support if you found bugs and issues.

Want to ask about the game or find friends and allies?

Support: support[at]

World of Submarines user reviews :

It is a good game, but I would rate it five if the typhoon class submarine was a little cheaper and if every single submarine in history was included and a submarine like pilgrim class was added when proposed, being built, invented, or in construction. Also, I wish that there was a squid in the game but not to defeat, but to play as, so technically I want a giant squid to be a submarine in the game. A yellow submarine and dababy submarine will also be appreciated.

Quite fun but the algorithm for Quick Match really needs fine-tuning. For example I’m in a Tier 1 boat at level 7, all other squad members are tier 1, up against a squad that includes a level 50 skipper in a Tier 2 boat at level 45. It does make for a somewhat one-sided match, but it’s quite fun when the squads are evenly matched

This is one of the best games. Graphics, movements,range of submarines everything looks very good. Has some strategic elements, reasonable prices.It could be more attractive if add the Squads for competition, increasing points , etc. It is a small minor in the game : a lot of missions for fleets on map with the power, that exceed possible maximum of 4 submarine.

Graphics are great and it’s the only arcade submarine game game of its kind. However progression is slow and rng based. Matchmaker often puts you in very uneven games where a very high level player with a low tier but boosted ship will obliterate everything, and the game doesn’t tell you who are bots or players. Still there is a bit of skill involved, and submarines look great.

This is the most beautiful multiplayer submarine game ever your game has a bright future a head pls add more players in the game. It would be amazing if you guys create a modern naval game were ships,aircraft carrier,and submarine and in the game and multiplayer
  • GDCompany
  • Thank you for the review. We are pleased you have a good time playing the game.
Great game, just take off madatory blue prints! This is going to lose gamers. Create ways to build up keys and money, blue prints should be taken off the board completely. Also have a “run silent” mode to where the other opponents cannot see you. This is an amazing game, well done. just add these little tweeks and will become even greater ;D
  • GDCompany
  • Thank you for the feedback. Your suggestions were passed to the developers.

this game is very good, it plays nicely and to my knowledge it’s the only PvP submarine mobile game that isn’t garbage. something that should be worked on is the music, it sounds muffled which of course dose not sound good. it would also be cool if they added older submarines from ww1 and ww2 and to categorize them by country instead of red and blue.

Last Update:

New submarines “Grayback”, “Hotel” and “Soryu” classes are ready for battle
New time-limited event game mode
Additional colors and patterns to customize your submarines
New epic titles and achievements
Bug Fixes

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