100 Doors – Time to move the curves

[Game] 100 Doors

100 Doors  The new project from the 100 door series is already here!

Game 2020 (and it’s not empty advertising words, the game is really fresh). It’s time to move the curves!

Here you are waiting for more than just a set of rooms – a full-blown adventure with a fascinating story.


Transport tycoon Henry Basil argues with his enemy Victor de Carrasco, according to which Basil must fly around the world in 80 days and find the golden mask of the Incas. He sets out on a journey with his granddaughter Claudette, who is eager to solve the mystery of his mother’s disappearance. Heroes will visit the most remote and mysterious parts of our planet, fight terrible monsters and solve complex puzzles. And they can’t do it without your help!


an intriguing story;
fascinating puzzles;
some actions can lead to a loss;
beautiful graphics and unique levels;
clue system;
the ability to get hints for FREE;

Have you ever heard of the 100 doors genre?

The games of this genre are a set of rooms, each of which is locked, and the player has to solve the puzzle to get out. The One Hundred Doors series is basically an evolution of games like Escape from Room. So, be prepared for the fact that here you will have to deal with the search for items, include the head to solve complex problems and avoid cunning traps. In other words – this game is not for weaklings!

Do you like complexity? Then this game is for you!

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100 Doors user reviews :

The game is good till I got to a certian level and the language changed I went to settings and it was on English why wont it go back to English? I was enjoying the game till I couldn’t read any thing that was written. And I have to do things over and over to solve the puzzles. Please fix these problems and I will give 5 stars.

2nd location was completly dark! All you can see is fires burning. I loved your previous “doors” game so I used hints to pass those stages thinking perhaps it was a glitch, hoping I could continue normally. I was so happy to see the 1st level of the third location was visible… Problem solved, right?.. WRONG!!! The very next level was completely black.. ..AGAIN. I wasted money on the few hints to get me past the pitch black levels, only to arrive at yet another one. Lesson learned!!

Loved the previous game and love this one so far. Stuck on level 30 though, since the picture frame will not pull down. Possibly a bug? I have spent at least 30 minutes or more just trying to pull that frame down. Right after posting this review I tried again and IT WORKED!! Updated to 5 star.
  • Bearded Dads Games
  • Hello! Thanks for feedback and im really happy that you enjoyed with both games :) There is was another player with similar problem, but seems like problem was solved after our advice to pull picture not very fast(not swipe, but slow drag) and from upper part of picture. Is there any chance that you maded same “mistake”? Thanks. Regards.

I didn’t find the story all that compelling and the screen moved too easily, making it confusing to know if I was interacting with the wrong part of the screen or just not using the gesture the game required. Also the game made sounds when I clicked on objects even though I had sounds off.

English and Russian mixed within graphics… A bit disconcerting, otherwise all OK.

Well done! Only issue is some levels are made more difficult by format when playing on a mobile device. Examples-levels that are like ‘Simon’ when you visually memorize a pattern and then tap it back. Screen isn’t wide enough to see all lights, steam, etc & therefore impossible.
  • Bearded Dads Games
  • Thank you for your feedback! I agree with this, we will try to avoid this mistake in the future.
Good game but im stuck on level 14 or as i call it the “pirate level” since the puzzle wont allow me to move the pieces after a bit as when i try the pieces get stuck in the middle of moving or even in the wrong spot and im not about to do anything but close the puzzle and restart.
  • Bearded Dads Games
  • Hello! Thanks for feedback, we will check your issue)
Good game however the last 5 or so playable levels (in the mid 50’s to the last level, 60) the text turns to Russian with no way of changing back to English. Other than that, good job!
  • Bearded Dads Games
  • Hello! Thanks for feedback, we will look at it. UPDATE: Hi again! We found problem, so we will fix it in next update. Thanks

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