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World Tour MergeEllie always dreamed of more, but she lived in a provincial town with her parents and her faithful dog Max. Her days seemed monotonous, and she longed for exciting adventures.

Then, on her birthday, Ellie received an unexpected gift from her parents – a ticket to her dream journey! It was a ticket to travel the world, and she could take only one companion. Without hesitation, she chose her loyal friend, Max.

From that moment on, an incredible adventure began. Ellie and Max traveled through different countries, met interesting people, and explored new cultures. They strolled on the Himalayas, marveled at ancient castles in Europe, and savored exotic cuisine in Asia.

The journey turned into a real dream adventure for Ellie. She realized that the world is so diverse and wonderful that she wanted to learn even more. And while it was time to return home, she knew that her adventures had only just begun. With Max by her side and new friends in different corners of the world, Ellie knew that her life would never be dull and predictable again.

Join Ellie on an exciting journey as you explore various captivating locations!
Get to know intriguing characters and uncover their hidden mysteries!
Immerse yourself in the top-notch merging game with a plethora of fascinating mechanics!
Collect awesome rewards!
Engage in thrilling activities!

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World Tour Merge user reviews :

Simply wanted to explore what other games this dev team has made, and this game is pretty fun so far. The tutorial explains everything you need to know which is nice. I have had no issues with ads which is a positive. Also, I really like the upgrading system and the artstyles. I’m looking forward to their new upcoming games if they’re as fun as this one.

So far, so good. Apps should stop giving the rating prompt on level 2, because most games don’t drop the microtransactions and ads on you until level 3-5. Learn your lesson, devs. Also, your managers should probably ACTUALLTY automate production on level 3.

I have played a lot of idle tycoons. This one is particularly bad. The inability to keep the stations automated prevents one from playing the game. Playing the game is the entire point of games, hello. I can’t earn enough cards to upgrade one manager to level 3, let alone a level 3 manager per station, 7 stations. The only way to do anything in this game is to spend irl money. I gave it two stars instead of one for the art style. That’s the only positive in the game.

Update: Game freezes so often and I need to close game and reload. Happens online or offline, on different devices. Uninstalling. It’s fun if you don’t freeze every thirty seconds. Old review: Very cute, it’s one of the cutest idlers I’ve played. Does have some minor freezing tho, and there wasn’t much or a tutorial so people new to this concept might be confused starting. Apart from that it’s great so far, will update in a week

  • Hello! [ AJ D ] Thank you for your precious review! Your comments will be forwarded to the development team for review. We will continue to update the shortcomings. Please continue to show a lot of interest and participate! Thank you! Have a good day.

My kid loves it but she almost cried when she saw she couldn’t make her own plush for every round but instead just one. Shes 9 so it’s random for her to almost cry.

So f as r I like it. Haven’t gotten ads. Only issue is I have to use so much bolts just to make what I need and I play for 3 min and I’m out of bolts. I’d like to play a game longer.

One of the most decent merge game. Cute, entertaining and can be played offline. Highly recommended!

I have been playing merge games since the beginning. I actually enjoy this one. Hard to find ones I want to play everyday.

Love this game .needs more chapters.

Make me feel refreshed and happy

Stuck with “coming soon”

  • We are very glad that you enjoyed the game and would like to continue playing. Just recently, an update was released that introduced new levels!

Easy-going and chill after-work game

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