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[Game] Antiyoy

Antiyoy  Turn-based strategy with simple rules. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Hotseat multiplayer up to 10 players
Random map generator
Smooth animations and good optimization
Easy tutorial

Antiyoy user reviews :

This is one of the best games I have ever played, but there are still things missing, I’ll give you my suggestions. First, can you please add some sort of strategic point where you can rush to capture it before your opponent does? In which case the strategic point will offer more coins than farms. Add this, then this game is going to get thrilling. Second, can you add equipment where you can make the units stronger, faster, or more durable? But only make it a one-time use per match/level. Thanks
  • Yiotro
  • Thanks for ideas, I’ll think about them.
It’s a perfectly nice, honest little game. Takes up very little memory space, no ads popping up between moves to annoy you. Simple to learn. Nothing to hate. No particular “wow” factor so 3 stars is as good as it gets… but to be fair you can’t expect “awesome graphics” or “stunningly complex gameplay” for so little memory used. As long as the developers resist the urge to “improve” it to oblivion it’s a great example of how to do a simple game right.
  • Yiotro
  • Thanks for reply.
The game is honestly one of the best mobile games ever made. I love the easy to learn, hard to master game structure. One thing that i kinda don’t like is the diplomacy system in the game as it doesn’t feel like it belongs… I find it easier when everyone is figthing and not storing cash in a out of the way area and destroying an army with 10 times the economical output.
  • Yiotro
  • Thanks for good reply. Yes, I agree, this game is more interesting without diplomacy. I also recommend you to try ‘slay rules’, they will require more tactical thinking
Really addictive game. Really enjoy the puzzle type levels. There is still a decent amount of variety even though there are a lot of repetitive components. Are all user levels beatable? I like the challenge, but don’t want to waste time on one if there is no guarantee it can be beat. Glad there is a filter option. NOT a fan of the diplomacy feature…it’s just annoying to manage. I do wish there were more frequent updates to campaign levels being added. The last update only added 2 new levels.
  • Yiotro
  • Thanks for good reply. As far as I know all user levels are beatable. Though some of them are insanely hard. You can find some discussions about these maps in my subreddit /r/yiotro_games.

Really nice game, and good on the devs for citing it back to Sean O’Connor (the creator of Slay). Love that there is an option for their own take on Slay and the original Slay rules. My only concern is that this might take money from O’Connor, but beside that little worry in my gut i love this game. Recommend this and Slay if you are a fan of strategy games such as chess.

This game is fun and a time killer sometimes. I made a review last time but changed it to 4 stars because there are some need of improving. Like the AI of the other countries. They ask land from countries they arent bordering, Sometimes they all ask for friendship on first move, some countries ask me to declare war on the countries they are befriending, and when i try to befriend all of them, one of the countries just cancels it (Though i’m not sure if this should be changed).
  • Yiotro
  • Thanks for reply. Yes, diplomatic AI is quite basic. It doesn’t perform a proper analysis of situation and it doesn’t really make good decisions. If you want challenge I recommend to try ‘slay rules’ without diplomacy
Now I like this game it’s just I wish there were more colors maybe add these colors : Brown , Lapis blue , white , and some sort of bright bright yellow this would help people creating historical maps like how I create WW1 and WW2 maps even a Europe map Thanks If you Read this! ( RE TO DEV REPLY: I mean like a sort of bright dark blue and brown would only be similar to red depending on settings and thanks for telling me the reasons
  • Yiotro
  • Thanks for ideas. Would be nice to add more colors but the problem is that with more colors it would be harder to distinguish them from each other.
Best strategy game I’ve played on mobile. The only one that’s ever hooked me to where it’s hard to put down. The rules are so simple but there is a surprising amount of depth behind the mechanics that is truly impressive. All this and no horrible intrusive ads or anything like that. Must play!
  • Yiotro
  • Thanks for good reply
I love this game and have spent at least over 20 hours in total playing this game. Its a bit difficult to explain but its a simple game and it focuses on being simple so it’s rather easy to understand and play due to the lack of complex game mechanics.
  • Yiotro
  • Thanks for good reply.

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