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4X My EmpireThis is a large-scale strategy game!

Everyone is at risk of being involved in an unpredictable war!

4X: My Empire is a real-time strategy mobile game which combines all kinds of SLG gameplay. On this continent where hope and cruelty coexist, you, as a primitive man coming from the ancient era, are expected to improve civilization by following the guidance of the prophet.
You will cross the boundaries of time and region, to create your own civilized world and fight for the crown of supreme glory.

Different from traditional SLG mobile game, 4X: My Empire offers you a magnificent map to explore.

Victory of battles can help you continually expand the scale of the territory. Skillful use of troops is very important in this expanding process. You can cooperate with your allies, use classical tactics such like decoy. Cooperation is always better then fighting alone.

Hundreds of troops are ready to set off and fight for glory! Create your own tactics in battles, build an invincible army and engage into fierce epic wars! Finally you will defeat all the enemies, conquer the continent and become the king of the world!

Varieties of battle mode emerge endlessly in the game. High image quality, vivid sense of combat experience and abundant details bring you back to ancient wars. The brand-new 3D techniques, together with comprehensively improved game rendering performance, creates countless unprecedented siege miracles for you!

4X My Empire user reviews :

I believe it has amazing potential to be an amazing game. There should be gathering on every world not just some. It’s to hard to teleport to another city. You should get more benefits then just resources. When hitting another castle or camp. Last thing events are to hard to comprehend. I have no clue how to place in events. Other then that good game. Not alot of people on one server I don’t fin

Hi i have played the game for about 2 days and the only complaint i have is that when leveling up a few times after the tutorial a side quest pops up saying level up to level 40 and stuff. And i still havent knew that much on what to do in the game on my own, so please give us side quests that can help us understand more about the game instead of bringing the try to level up to level 40. And overall the game is cool i like it, keep up the good work.

  • Thank you for your support, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can go to our Facebook for feedback www.facebook.com/gaming/4XMyEmpire

COULD be a cool game, with some fixes. The game screen is too large for mobile screen making it near impossible to play, unable to see left/right. When settings is opened, it is difficult to change any settings cause you can’t see left/right AND no way to exit settings. The back arrow brings up what I can only imagine is Japanese. Potential but not yet.

Been playing a couple days now, and kinda enjoying it. Seeing you “beat down” the Rebels on the World map is cool. I know it’s a new game, having the graphics the way they are has a nostalgic feel to it! Makes it a little easier connect with.Having a picture of the troops you’re tra

Tried it. No thank you. Graphics were good, nice not to have enormous unrelated cut scenes. Gameplay matches the lord of the ring mmpog. Not bad, just not interesting. Screen didn’t fit, bad enough that the settings couldn’t be adjusted due to the button being unavailable. Overall, skip it, move on. Don’t even spend the first five dollars.

great game so far, but could use more work, like showing which factions you can choose…. and it takes way too long to lvl up, you only get to choose a faction once you lvl up to lvl 25 Also, i bought one of the starter packs, but i received nothing on my email nor the new troops in my account…

Honestly very fun game I can tell the developers put in a lot of work. If there’s anything I’d like to change it is definitely the in game chat. Character limit is only 80 characters and cant say some words like nice and have. Other than that and some activity problems it is a fun game to play

Well what can I say about this game. Firstly it looks good got to level 5 on all buildings. But when trying to get off Auto build it has stuck on it and cannot manually build plus main building say to low to upgrade it. So sadly will be deleting the game.

it can be expensive to actually keep up game wise with the big spenders. Graphics great..game play is to do a thing and rinse and repeat.

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