Dragon Siege – Become the Lord of a Castle

[Game] Dragon Siege – Kingdom Conquest

Dragon SiegeA Casual Fantasy MMO, Dragon Siege!
The legendary dragon egg fell on the peaceful continent of Dragonia?!
Start an exciting adventure at the Fantasy World, Dragonia!
Expand your village, farm and harvest resources, and battle other players!

Build Your Own Castle, My Lord!
Just another MMO War Game? Think again! Cultivate and develop your own village!
Farm, hunt, and collect various resources and experience a real farming simulation!
Become the Lord of a Castle and build and manage the village as you please!

Cute but Powerful Dragons & Dynamic and Powerful Knights
Dragons and knights with various personalities await the true Lord of the Castle.
Find and foster a strong ally who will lead your war to victory!
Feed and nurture your dragons, and strengthen your knights’ skills and gear
to lead the strongest army on the continent!

Real-Time Battles with Unlimited Variations
Take control of your troops in real-time and enjoy strategic combat.
Assign various troop formations with different knights and dragons to fight in large-scale battles.
Use your own tactics to command your troops and become the victor of the battlefield!

Exciting Siege Battles to conquer the Dragon Castle
Connect with your Kingdom members and join forces to prepare for fierce battles.
Prevail 293 castles, expand your Village, and conquer the Dragon Castle!
Be victorious of the war and seize all of Dragonia!

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App Permission Notice
Mandatory Permission

Optional Permission
1. Camera, Storage
Photo, media, and file permission are needed when players wish to attach files within their 1:1 customer service inquiries.

However, if players send their 1:1 customer service inquiries through the in-game web browser, there may be a separate request for permission to the above categories.
If so, access permission for photos, media, and files may not be required.
Game services are available without consenting to optional access rights, but some of the features provided may be restricted.

App Permission Setting Notice
Players with Android versions under 6.0 currently cannot select their access permission (Automatically allows permission).
Therefore, if you wish to deny permission, please upgrade your device to Android 6.0 or above.
Also, even if you upgrade, the selected permission setting will not change automatically, so we advise you to reinstall the game and select your permission settings.

Android 6.0 or Above
1. Permission Setting – Device ‘Settings’ > ‘Privacy’ > ‘Permission Manager’ > select ‘Category’ > Select ‘Apps’ > allow or deny 2. App Permission Setting – Device ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps’ > Select app > ‘Permission’ > select ‘Category’ > allow or deny

Below Android 6.0
You cannot change permission for individual apps and must delete the app to deny access.

The terms and phrases used in the description may differ depending on your device or OS version.

Dragon Siege user reviews :

The game is fun a little different than other resource kingdom building games, which is refreshing to see. However, please add x2 speed in expeditions and labyrinth. No one wants to watch these over and over again You have a good solid foundation here, but the game needs minor adjustments. Hence, the reason for 4 stars instead of 5

  • Hi, Daniel! We are glad to hear your point of view about the game. We will be keeping this feedback of yours as it might help us in the future improvements to be made to the game. We will be announcing changes on this one on our official community channels. Stay safe and See you in-game.

Some small bugs but overall a great game. Lots to do, if you like battling and farming, it’s a good one for you. Good idea adding animals and being able to farm from them alongside the usual battle-type games. Lots to do. Dragons are very cute. Gives a decent hero for free at the start which is actually not too bad. Packs are also cheap if you are one to spend a little.

  • Hello, Cloé! We are glad to hear that you are having fun and we highly appreciate your support for the game. We will be having exciting content and event on the game be sure to tune in with our official community channels. Thank you and see you in-game!

Hello, Cloé! We are glad to hear that you are having fun and we highly appreciate your support for the game. We will be having exciting content and event on the game be sure to tune in with our official community channels. Thank you and see you in-game!

  • Greetings, Albert! We are glad to hear that you have given us a try and that you are have fun playing the game. We have more upcoming contents and events in the game to give every player the best gaming experience possible. Please do stay tuned with our official website and community pages to be updated about the game.

Latest Update :

1. New Knights ‘Baran’ and ‘Annabelle’ will be added.
2. ‘Grand City’ will be added to the Field.
3. New high level monsters will added.
4. Other modification/improvement updates have been made

Contact Developer :


Video :

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