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Aliens vs PinballAliens vs Pinball combines three exciting pinball tables into one terrifying game inspired by the ALIEN franchise!

Join Ellen Ripley as she confronts the Alien Queen and helps the Colonial Marines eliminate LV-426’s alien infestation on the Aliens Pinball table.

Help Amanda Ripley survive the dangerous halls of Sevastopol Station while evading a merciless Xenomorph on the Alien: Isolation Pinball table.

Defeat Xenomorphs, rise in the ranks of Yautja society, and choose your allies wisely on the Alien vs. Predator Pinball table.

Listen to original voiceovers and sound effects directly pulled from the ALIEN franchise.

Leaderboards, score tracking, exciting social features, and more.


Aliens vs Pinball user reviews :

Pretty fun. Totally a fresh take on pinball game. The screen is kinda weird though. Not all the menus are visible. The camera shake button should be located near the flippers and the flippers should have a visual button. I sometimes press on the left flippers but it won’t work. I might be slightly off the flippers area. An actual button would help. I also think it’s better if you make adventure mode instead of just endlessly chasing high score like old school pinball.

The game is fun when it works. It seems during the opening and closing cutscenes, the game freezes and take a while to register. Not only that but the game resolution sadly doesn’t fit newer phones it seems, even with the full screen fix applied. I would love to see this fixed as I played this as a kid on our old box computer.

  • Hi Shaved Banana! Thank you for your feedback! Could you please write to us at support[at] with this issue? We’d be glad to help! Thank you in advance!

Graphics and vibration are like I’m at a real life pinball machine. The design and aesthetics of the tables are nothing short of beautiful. One issue: Doing the screen size on your phone as they say to do does make it playable but I’d still cut off a bit but like I said it is still playable. Devs, y’all are absolutely brilliant for coming up with and designing an AVP pinball app. Per my one issue, you do need to figure the screen sizing issue. Other than the game is stellar.

I wish I can give this a 4 but no, the first issue is that the bottom half of the screen is missing, it is impossible to track the damn ball and the cherry on top sometimes the Ball whackers do not respond and the ball gets taken, very big annoyance, it could be the phone that I’m using but not only that it seems the screen is too stretched out, I had trouble getting the Alien to launch the ball, Please fix this.

  • Hi Half-Minded Productions! Thank you for your feedback! Could you please write to us at support[at] with this issue? We’d be glad to help! Thank you in advance!

*edit* I followed the instructions for full screen adjustment and the edges are still a little cutoff… It makes some things difficult to see or read. It’s a little better than before and I appreciate the help. Bumped up to 3 stars. *Original review* Looks promising, but the bottom part of the screen is cut off, making it impossible for me to use the flippers. It’s disappointing, as I was planning on purchasing an unlock since I love Aliens and Predators. I’m using a Galaxy s10e phone.

  • Our aim is to update the game continuously so it accommodates these new high-resolution devices and displays the menu and the tables correctly. Maybe the following method could solve the problem. Go to Settings and select Display. Then scroll down and choose Full Screen Appscheck. Find Alien vs Pinball, tap on it, then Toggle full-screen to ON

Update: So I bought the full game (because I’m a silly person and it’s Alien) and the freezing issues seem to be fixed. However, I can only give 4 stars because I’ve noticed some further saving issues (playing offline) and the game made me sit through an ad, even though the paid/unlocked version is supposed to be ad-free. A little irritating. ————— old ————– It’s fun when it works, but I can’t finish a single game without the app freezing up on me (ball 3, every time) and I’m forced to restart, losing all my highscores. Therefore only 2 stars, because it’s a pretty pointless (literally) experience. Playing on Galaxy S8+. Good looking game though.

I love Didn’t stop playing during my lunch break, I play at home, before I go to be. So good

Aliens, the second best Zen table, ever. The first would be the non-existing Howard the Duck table.

Amazing gameplay thank you for this game

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