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AmpliFi WiFiThe AmpliFi app simplifies the process of connecting and managing all of your Amplifi Wi-Fi devices, including: Alien, HD, Gamer’s Edition, Instant, and Meshpoint products.

The AmpliFi app offers the simplest way to add, monitor, configure, and upgrade your network.

You’ll be able to:

View key diagnostic information, like a connected devices summary, upload/download activity, your IP address, and real-time network speed data.
Create an in-home guest network for visiting family and friends, or give them remote access to your local network via the AmpliFi Teleport VPN app.
Control your family’s screen time with the ability to pause connected devices.

Please visit for more information about AmpliFi Wi-Fi products, or for troubleshooting recommendations from the Ubiquiti support team and user community.

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AmpliFi WiFi user reviews :

Edit: Bumped up to 4 stars because my previous complaint was addressed. Old Review: All in all a pretty good app for monitoring your home network. Nothing too special. I am however mildly annoyed that they removed the ability to look at realtime download/upload usage by group. This was a very nice troubleshooting feature at a glance and I have no idea why it was removed.

Really like the Amplifi App. Would give a 5 star review if they would bring back the data usage to the app. This was how I could keep track of data used. Please bring back this feature. Everything else about the app is awesome and their alien router works fabulous. Do wish they would bring the option to pick the server used to speed test your service.

AmpliFi, the hardware, the app, and the whole experience is top tier. The champion of power-user oriented enterprise networking has knocked it out of the park for the home user who just wants things to work. I occasionally get “an error occurred” instead of a more elegant way of handling the disconnection and refresh when applying changes, but a simple reload brings things back.

This system is awesome! Super high speed, quick, easy setup. Great coverage and worth every penny. I love that from my phone I can limit the internet usage for my teenagers, even when I’m not home. I can check my speed anytime/anywhere from the app. This has to be some of the best technology on the market!. Was an Apple fan and love the ipads but the airport extremes never seemed to live past a year. After upgrading two years in a row, I decided to try something different. Best decision ever!

App functions well and is laid out intuitively. I appreciate all the adjustments I’m able to tweak and the ease of use. The one thing that’s lacking and a feature I would love is dark mode. Although it doesn’t affect functionality I just think it would be a nice feature to have. I would also appreciate it if you would consider adding a break down of the usage meter to see how much data each device is using individually.

This app used to be amazing. Fast forward two years and configuring my mesh point with a new router is virtually impossible. The app is extremely laggy and it gets stuck on “configuring the mesh router”. I got it to work with the 2.4ghz network but could not configure it to switch to the 5ghz without resetting so here I am on the 8th failure. Amazing product that fell from grace. Using Pixel 2.

  • We are really sorry for the trouble and we appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. We fixed the problem with Pixels – please verify if Pixel 2 can connect connect to mesh point using the latest app.

Really great product all around. Using the Amplifi HD product with 2 mesh points. One suggestion I have is to add a feature that allows you to click the mesh points and base unit icons to see what clients are connected to them instead of having to dive into the individual clients to view this information. Maybe even just a quick client dashboard that shows this info would be nice to see the overall distribution of clients across the mesh system and who they are talking to.

Coming from the Amplifi HD and having a fantastic experience with that, I recently upgraded and picked up 2 Alien routers to use as my Mesh and they have been fantastic. I just noticed that the app received an update and now shows what router or mesh point they are connected to which is fantastic, that was always a miss in my opinion on the app. I highly recommend the Alien system

Very nice app for controlling their Amplify HD Router (and mesh points). On the negative side, in Bridge mode, it shows a message on the first page saying “Some issues detected – diagnose.” Tapping the red “diagnose,” takes me to a page showing all my connection information (which have the correct ipv4 and ipv6 addresses). Yet, there’s red text under “DNS Address” and “Internet Connection” saying “Please Verify IPv6 Configuration.” I reported this to them over a year ago and they’ve done nothing. Also, in regular, automatic, mode, you can’t specify the use of a different DNS server. People have been asking for that for about 3 years now.

Worked initially, but the app allows you to change a config setting where you THINK you’re power-saving your WiFi (e.g. nighttime setting). What you appear to be able to do is leave the WiFi in a seemingly unrestorable state. No hardware reset on the router itself, so the app becomes helpless at allowing you to reconnect your WiFi. Going around in loops trying to reset is getting me nowhere. UPDATE: Was eventually able to restore WiFi, but it was extremely fiddly. Needs in app troubleshooting.

  • Hi, we apologize for any issue you might be having! Could you send details of what you are experiencing to our customer support at help[at] We’ll get you up and running.

incredible what thos mesh system is doing and will do for my home. well worth the price and I have only had it running for 10 mins

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