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[Game] Andoku Calcudoku

Andoku Calcudoku  How to play

The Calcudoku game grid has to be filled in such a way that the specified conditions are met by simple calculations in the four basic arithmetic operations.

As with Sudoku, no number may appear more than once in any row or any column. In addition, there are so-called cages, each of which contains a mathematical operator and a target value. This value corresponds to the result to be achieved by the calculation with the values in the cage.

Every puzzle has a unique solution that can be found without guessing.


five different grid sizes (from 5×5 to 9×9)
six levels of difficulty per grid size
15,500 unique puzzles in total
games are automatically saved
unlimited undo/redo
a built-in calculator


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Calcudoku was developed by the Japanese teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto for his students to promote the ability of mathematical and logical thinking. The game is also known as MathDoku, Ken-Doku™ and KenKen™.

Andoku Calcudoku user reviews :

Brilliant game from a brilliant developer. Not too many ads, and dev blocks those that are inappropriate. Fab. Warning: highly addictive.

Seriously, if you can think of anything that would be nice to have to solve this type of puzzle, this app has it. It is exceptionally well designed and if you ever try a similar puzzle app, you will you will throw up your hands in frustration. It is the gold bar for other apps of its kind.

Love the design. The only issue is the number selection and entering. It’s a bit confusing. I wish it followed the same format as your sudokus.

Bug report: If puzzle is reset and quit immediately without pressing play, that puzzle will be gone from roster. I can’t resume that puzzle and a new puzzle will skip that. Need additional screen to see all the completed and incomplete puzzles.
  • Markus Wiederkehr
  • Currently, this is the only way to skip puzzles that for some reason you don’t want to solve. They get pushed back towards the end of the list of available puzzles so they will be offered again eventually.
Number selection mode is confusing
  • Markus Wiederkehr
  • You can select a single cell and then assign a number to it. If you select more than one cell, you can enter candidates for all of them at the same time. For more information on the controls, see “How to Play” in the main overflow menu.
Calcudoku is a pretty challenging game to start. This version brings the highly playable board of Andoku’s other Sudoku games! Understanding that some of the game mechanics are themselves new, the calculator is helpful; would appreciate a calculator backspace key. The cell double tap is a nice edition! I hope it is ported to the regular Andoku. Please allow disabling the auto value removal upon cell choice – jarring when you aren’t correct, and have to them go update cells below and above.
  • Markus Wiederkehr
  • You can use the undo key to to correct errors, this will restore any candidates that were automatically removed.

Nice design, but serious defects.. here are only some: 1- you can not easily leave the game 2- it deletes my own pencil marks 3- it forces four arithmetic operations on me in each and every game..!! 4- zero is included as a candidate digit in 50% of the games. You can skip such games, but they are offered back to you each time you start a new game

This app uses division groups of more than two squares. I don’t think that’s valid in kenken. Also, there are no settings to disable automatic pencil erasing (when you pencil in a space with a number, ink in another space, and the penciled number is removed automatically), so you can’t use alternate solving techniques or do it yourself.
  • Markus Wiederkehr
  • This app does not aim to be an exact KenKen clone. In this app division for more than 2 cells is defined as the largest number divided by all other numbers in the cage. So 3/ could be 6/2/1, for example.

Beautiful, easy to use interface. The different cage colors and the bold fonts make it easy to read. The button layout and special features like multiple cell selection contribute to ease of use and make this a very elegant app.

Deceptively addictive sudoku variation!!! Would like stats for win, loss, avg time, and etc. Replay after wins is great feature! In-app calculator feels like after-thought & poorly executed. pencil/pen function locks! The constant system reverting to pen after every single anything is more than mildly irksome.
  • Markus Wiederkehr
  • Thanks for the feedback! Stats might be added in a later update. What’s wrong with the calculator? I don’t understand your last point. When you enter a value in one cell and then select a different cell you should not be in pencil mode!

Another fantastic puzzle problem solver. Give 15 minutes without adverts, a great way to try before you buy. More programmers should take this on board.

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