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[Game] Animal Camp – Healing Resort


Animal CampHave you dreamed of escaping from ordinary life and just go farming?

Become an owner of a resort.
Run your own resort.
Collect various animal visitors,
and make your own healing resort.

How to Play
1. Gather materials.
2. Build camping facilities and others.
3. Grow crops in the field and cook dishes.
4. Enjoy fishing and light a campfire.
5. Bigger the resort, more animals there will be!

Animal Camp user reviews :

Overall, it’s a good game. The aesthetics are good and mechanics simple to understand. The issue begins in how high are the costs for things compared to the low profit. The biggest lack of balance is farming: you water your crops 3 times and collect them, which gives you only 4 crops. 4 items, for around 20 energy? Not worth it at all. In Cat Forest, you get one crop for one energy spent, usually water one time. This and many other spendings should get balanced.

So far so good, but there’s a big glitch in the game that prevents me from building in the office on the first try by saying “not enough materials” even though I have the materials. The same applies to doing a string of actions with the greenery, such as cutting trees, destroying rocks, etc. It cuts off after the first one citing “not enough materials” as the excuse. There’s also a lot of lag in areas such as moving things around & getting the materials after destroying the greenery.

I’m hooked. There’s some weird bugs that make some buildings disappear, stuck loading bars on resting, and some clipping on characters that give them four eyes haha But it works fine again after restarting the game, so it doesn’t really ruin the experience all that much. I think the premium currency (golden pinecones) is really easy to get as a f2p compared to other games, too! I’m having fun decorating my camp. I think I’ll play this for a while.

It was good at first, a great time killer. I’m only in resort level 6 and i already finished all the quest for the level, that’s when it became boring to play. And also the game crashes most of the time. Please add more quest or things to do and fix crashing issue. I really think this game has potential.

It’s a fun game with good graphics. The main problem is that it takes too long to fill the workers’ energy or gather acorns, which could be slightly solved if we watched the ads. However since we go through the energy too fast, it feels like I’m just watching ads 90% of the time, and that doesn’t make an interesting nor relaxing game. Not to mention that you need to buy every seed and you don’t get some in return upon harvest. Wish the game is not this way but yeah, wouldn’t recommend.

Rated it 3 stars because I had fun playing it at start. But it becomes so tiring to play and its because it takes to slow to advance a level so you would be able to build something. I had a lot of money in the game but I can’t use it to build something because it requires certain level. Hope for it to improve more

This is the best game ever and the animals are so cute, but the reason I give it only 4 star is because= 1.The trees don’t grow. 2.The worker does not do the work automatically. 3.It also needs health bar and you can take fall damage. 4.It should be multiplayer and singleplayer.And when you play game it’s always singleplayer and there should be a button to join other. 5.they should not be able to break our houses. 6.only 10 player can play one server. But anyway keep it up. Island is too small.

Game started out so cute. But I only got to level 5 and suddenly couldn’t gather materials because it said “no tool available.” Tried everything… Of course since I can’t gather materials I can’t make more tools… or anything else. Deleting app. May re-download later to see if bug is fixed. Game was cute and enjoyable before that though.

I like this game, its cute. But after a bit it gets repetative even if I’m doing different things. Also after a certain level, my quests ran out. Ive been trying to level up in order to see if any more will pop up, but that is rather difficult. It takes a lot of patience.

It’s really a good game, I only installed it yesterday and it’s rlly entertaining. I just wish there are more activities to do than just building some structures. Also, i hope that there will be a story that has a challenge that will make it more exciting and more quests. Other than that, it’s good and it has no bugs

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