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[Game] Showa Candy Shop 3 – Grandma’s

Showa Candy Shop 3When everything seemed to sparkle in the summer sun?

Take a trip back to those golden days in this easygoing little
candy shop management game with a surprising amount of heart.

That’s right, it’s the third game in the beloved Showa Candy Shop series!
And don’t let the “3” in the title scare you off. Newcomers and longtime fans alike are sure to enjoy the latest tale of Grandma and her humble candy shop.

This time, there are more items to collect than ever before!
From Strangely Sour Yogurt to Yum Yum Sticks to Cola Rice Cakes,
these (nearly accurate) Japanese snacks are sure to bring a smile to your face!

The story begins as soon as you start the game,
winding its way through the seasons and culminating in an emotional finale you won’t want to miss!

As always, the game is free to play from beginning to end. You’re welcome to enjoy it on your own terms!
Check in on the shop whenever you need a break from your busy schedule. Let the soothing music ease your worries as the heartfelt story wraps around you like a warm blanket.


Sit a spell, and recall those sweet daysof your youth, back when everything was new and exciting.

Way out on the edge of a small town no one’s heard of stands a humble candy shop, run by a kindly old lady and her cat.

Why not take a peek in? And while you’re here, how about lending the dozing granny a helping hand?

Perhaps you’ll even uncover a strange little tale or two while you’re at it.

So by now I’ll bet the question on your mind is “is this game for me”? Well, maybe it is.
Do you enjoy nice stories?
Do you like casual/idle games?
Have you ever wanted to run your own shop?
Have you played any of our other games, like Oden Cart, Showa Candy Shop, or Hungry Hearts Diner?
Do you like candy? Like, reeeally love it?

If you answered “Yes!!!!” to any of the above,
then this game is for you! Download it and give it a whirl.
It’s free, so it won’t cost you a dime!
We hope it brings a smile to your face!*

*Smile may or may not contain happy tears.

Showa Candy Shop 3 user reviews :

This game is amazing! I downloaded the game after playing hungry heart diner. And as expected, I was not disappointed by anything. It had what I wanted, especially the relaxing music. I like how it changed with the seasons, really added a soothing nostalgic feeling to it. Also you can hear noises from the background, like kids playing and laughing (very nice detail) which really felt like you’re there, it reminds me of my hometown. Definitely worth a try!!

Gorgeous game, lots of story, very little to manage. My main problem with it is that because it’s all offline it saves whenever it likes. Which isn’t as often as necessary. I have had loads of times where I’ve reopened the game to be in the same place I was before. I recommend doing what you need to then leave the game open for a while.

Like the previous Showa Candy Shop games, and all Gagex games if I’m being honest, this one is absolutely phenomenal! The art style is adorable, gameplay relaxing, and the storyline(s) told through the letters really tugs on heart strings (I’m not completely done yet but I have a few guesses where it’s going…) I also absolutely love and appreciate how completely optional ads are, and how any pop-up ads are always compensated with some in game coins or such. Keep up the fantastic work!

Really cute game, love the artstyle very nostalgic. Main issue is that the ads that pop up mid game and the other one that activates fever or give tokens makes my game crash for some reason which is a bit annoying and it doesn’t save the missions that i just did and when i try to play the ad it crashed 6 times and I just installed this game. I like the game wish the crashing and random ads would stop

The third installment seemed to brings in new mechanics to the game. Collecting item became easier, even with the new month system. The stories are engaging, and easier to follow. A lot of gameplay error such as buttons and layout has been fixed as well in this game. A satisfying game, you should check it out.

Lost of new characters and capsule toys! I like the cat capsule toys and the seasonal gimmick especially. I do confess that I can’t quite follow the story as well compared to the last 2 games in the series. There seem to be 2 distinct storylines and possibly time travel??? But I’m not done collecting letters yet, so, hopefully I’ll figure it out.

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