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Tap, Blast, and WIN! Play Puzzle with a simple touch!
Easy and fun Touching Puzzle Game!

Casual Puzzle Game! A Puzzle Game where you can learn in a few sec!
Easy control for anyone to play with! A Blasting Game that you can enjoy in a short time!
Touch when there are two or more blocks of the same color!
Give a slight Tap! BANG! Blast Blocks of the same color!

Hit more of the same colored Blocks at a time to get Special Blocks!
Cute-shaped Special Blocks! More powerful special blocks with more of the same color!
If you combine Special Blocks, you can get stronger Special Effects!
Get as many Points as you can within a given number of times with your own Special Block Strategy!

Puzzle Trip with lovely Ringo and Mocha! Various Puzzle Themes with no time to get tired of!
Oh no! Mocha is hungry! Match Puzzles to help Mocha so she can go to eat cheese!
Lunch Box is empty! Fill it out by blasting cute Fruit Puzzles including Apple, Watermelon, and Blueberries!
There’s a terrible mold! Pop the Puzzle and Remove the Mold quickly!
Blast Puzzle and give Ringo a delicious Canned Snack! Yummy!

Clear Event Levels to get Bonus rewards!
Help Mocha fishing! I’m the Fishing King!
Try cooking with your friends at the cozy Bakery! The more you cook, the more you can become a top Ranker!
Get more Coin Bonuses with special and constantly updated Event Levels!

Anipang Blast user reviews :

Good game, but winning a level does not give you a life back, so ended up only playing for a short time and ran out of lives. (Only like 10-15 mins) Except if you watch a lot of ads in the game or buy garnets other puzzle games give you a life back when you win, while this game doesn’t otherwise it could be a great time killer. I hope this issue could be solved. Sad to say that a fun game like this can only be played for a very short time and forces you to watch ads to continue.

  • Enought Heart. We’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.

According to the error message displayed on start up, the game won’t run because I currently have an autoclicker program on my phone. The game shuts down automatically after showing the error message and won’t run at all. This is disgusting behavior by the developers. Developers don’t get to police what other apps I have installed on my phone or how I use them for other games. That’s unacceptably invasive. Unistalled immediately without playing.

  • Some apps may be blocked for proper gameplay. Please exit or delete the app and play the game.

Bad start already. I Will not be forced into signing In with Google before I even have the chance to play it to see if I like it. Give people the option to sign in as guest at least

Game doesn’t work, keeps shutting down because it says I have software that modifies game data. That is nonsense, I don’t have that.

  • Some apps may be blocked for proper gameplay. Please exit or delete the app and play the game.

So the game became available but can’t play it because it says it’s Under Maintenance I Pre Registered too

  • You can enjoy the game now! Please continue to play!

Game does not work without internet.

  • Hi, Our game offers offline mode and while you can play offline, we do recommend our players ply in the online mode. It will work best and save game data. Please play in online mode. Thanks!

I love its easy controls, cute visuals, and variety of puzzle themes. Create powerful special blocks, participate in events, and enjoy endless fun.

  • Hi, thank you for your great support of our game. We will continue our best to make our game even better!

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