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Cinemark Theatres

Introducing the updated Cinemark Theatres app!

Enjoy easy access to showtimes, movie info, and the Cinemark Movie Rewards program!

With the Cinemark app you can:

Get tickets in advance
Reserve your seats
Access your Cinemark Movie Rewards account
Browse your favorite theatres
View your Gift Card balance
View ticket purchase history

Cinemark Theatres offer additional amenities at select movie theatres including:

Comfortable Luxury Loungers recliners
More food and drink options, your favorite concession items, as well as dine-in options
More ways to watch your favorite movies in Cinemark XD, RealD 3D, IMAX, and D-Box

Cinemark now presents Cinemark Movie Rewards: Your Path to Free Tickets & More! Become a Movie Fan for free and enjoy:

Earn 1 point per $1 Spent
Access member exclusives, advance screenings, and tickets
Redeem points for rewards, tickets, concessions, and more

You can also upgrade to Cinemark Movie Club, the Movie-Lover’s Membership, and get more:

One 2D ticket per month*
Unused tickets roll over
20% off concessions
Waived online fees
*Visit for details

If you experience app-related issues please click on More > Guest Services > Contact to report it.

Download the updated Cinemark app today!

Cinemark Theatres user reviews :

It is a straightforward UI experience, but some information that can be important, such as added fees, is more subtle in small font. Seems the experience would benefit from just being up front with details. It is a bit of a learning curve to adjust to its model, but once explored fully, it becomes intuitive.

Love this app! The only issue I have is when I try to order popcorn for pickup is that it won’t let me check out if I’ve selected to not add any butter. It’s my first time trying to use the order ahead option and I find that strange. Plus, there’s only the option to order the tub and not anything smaller in size. UPDATE: – 1 STAR. WATCH LIST SHOWS ALL MOVIES AS “NOW PLAYING” EVEN THOUGH THE MOVIE ISN’T OUT YET.

This is a handy tool if you love going to the movies (especially if you are signed up for Rewards). Depending on the location, you can choose to have the snacks ready as you walk in. Just be in a good spot with connection before you are heading out to see it on the same day. It’s a very slow app on the go. Remember to choose “Guest Pick Up”, place all mess in the provided bags, and place them promptly in the trash

Update 12/2022: app is now faster and more stable. Ordering is much better and intuitive for selections. Convenience of options is impressive. Original post 2021. Download speed on app is very twitchy & slow, especially at various theaters I’ve been to. Kind of inconvenient trying to pull up your ticket QR or order snacks. But it has gotten better over the year.

One of the best apps around. I wish other companies would make their apps like this one. My only complaint is that when you load gift cards, to use them they are tucked away 4-5 pages deep instead of it using up the gift card automatically before pulling cash from your debit card. I just discovered all the gift cards I’ve loaded the last couple of years on this back page when I thought I used them. Other than that, the app is great. No bugs or glitches.

Love Cinemark Theaters! I decided to become a member & the perks are awesome! Unused tickets (credits) rollover to the next month if they’re not used. When you make a purchase online through the app you get a breakdown of what you’re paying, the amount and any credits applied and how much you’re saving. Definitely recommend! Oh and you can order your food, snacks, beverages & have them delivered straight to your seat. There’s a $2 delivery charge which for me is fine, think of it as service tip

Easy, fast and saves money with the membership. Functionality sucks. Keep losing ticket order because there is no obvious way to return to your shopping cart if you leave it. It tells me I need to add a pickup time for my food order, but one bad click, and you can’t get back to the order, and in trying to start over, the seats I selected are blocked out so I can’t get them without waiting. Why there isn’t a shopping cart that can be accessed from anywhere in the app, I don’t understand.

Overall the app has gotten better the last couple months. In the past the refresh rates would be unbearable even on wi-fi, but especially if I was in the theater with poor service and needed to pull up my ticket. Some of the services are clunky as far as being able to order food and whether or not you can time it well enough but that is more of a user navigation than issue with how the app is laid out.

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