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AudibleListen to podcasts and audiobooks that pique your interest and build an audio library worth sharing. Dive into a world of imagination and enjoy audio entertainment of all genres.

Stream and download your favorite audio stories and get lost in the voices that inspire you. Listen to original stories and audiobook series narrated by a star-studded voice cast. Keep one audiobook or podcast every month as a Premium Plus member or purchase your favorite titles with cash.

Listen to books you’ve been meaning to read for years and stream thousands of podcasts and listen to the best in audio entertainment, with Audible. Stream original podcasts that inspire you and tackle your audiobook list with ease. Relax with self-help podcasts and set a sleep timer to automatically stop listening.

Download an audiobook series for your next flight or find podcasts to keep you company on the road. Listen before you watch global Film & TV favorites in fantasy, thrillers, sci-fi and more. Build your audio library and let the most recognized voices immerse you in a world of entertainment.

Grow your audio library and find bestsellers, audiobooks and podcasts. There’s always more to imagine with Audible.


Podcasts, audiobooks, and Originals. Listen to thousands of titles, including exclusive series.
Download titles in the Plus Catalog anytime you want, no credits necessary
Audio library – Listen to your favorite titles and audio content
Stories, bestsellers & Originals – discover, purchase and listen to trending favorites
Comedy podcasts, romance novels or fantasy book series – Find what you need to unwind

Queue up your favorite audiobook, adjust your listening speed & enjoy captivating storytelling.
Stream podcasts or download audiobooks directly to enjoy Audible with or without WiFi
Podcast series or captivating novels – listen on the road with Car Mode through Android Auto
Read on your Kindle or switch to Audible to listen on your phone, tablet or Wear OS
Listen now or save for later your favorite audiobooks and podcasts

Feel immersed in gripping tales or eye-opening podcasts and find inspiration daily.
Tackle your reading list easily by listening to immersive stories throughout the day
Personalized audio playlists – curate your favorite podcasts and audiobooks for future listening
Listen to audio stories with customizable narration speeds up to 3.5x
Leave podcast and book reviews to help others choose their next audio adventure


Find the plan that works for you with our free 30-day trial. Get the most from your subscription with discounts on our monthly and annual plans. Try cash purchases for titles you love and benefit from discounted prices as an Audible member.

With Premium Plus, you can access the Plus Catalog and much more:
The entire Plus Catalog – thousands of titles, podcasts, and Originals
Get 1 monthly credit to choose a title you want to keep forever
Listen to an extended selection of bestsellers, Originals and new releases
A permanent library! Titles purchased with credits are yours to keep, even if you cancel

Purchase titles directly or acquire individual credits through the app and expand your audio library anytime with Audible.

The most compelling stories and podcasts, told by inspiring voices. Listen to storytelling that speaks to you, anytime, anywhere. Fall in love with books all over again with Audible, an Amazon company.

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Audible user reviews :

Good – the selection of books is good, has decent prices, frequent sales & offers, the catalog of free books is large, varied, and changes constantly -4* Bad – the app. When it works, it’s a good app. The problem is, for the past weeks, it hasn’t. It refuses to load. If it does, then at some point, there will be a “playback error,” and it stops. Tried logging out/in, reinstalling, all pointless. – 1*

I use audible probably a little too much. Car rides, video games, doing chores around the house. Basically any activity that doesn’t actively require listening is usually being accompanied by a variety of books. Romance, suspense, comedy and fantasy all have a ton of variety. I’ve got over 80 books in my library and have been listening pretty consistently for the past 3 years, and expect that number to quickly make it over 100 books. Love this app

Audible has given me back the joy of books. I would never normally get into a book because I struggled to read them, but when books are read out loud, it makes it easier to enjoy the book and makes you feel more evolved in the story as you sit back to listen to a great old time favourite. Also, being able to share those books with family and friends with credits allowed a long car journey to become an adventure . I highly recommend

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