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AudiobooksAudiobooks : Listen to audiobooks on your Android phone or tablet with our free app!

Download up to 2 audiobooks at a time over wi-fi for offline listening or stream audiobooks instantly from our library of more than 15,000 bestsellers and new releases.

✓ Download audiobook (up to 2 at a time) to your Android phone or tablet
✓ Stream audiobooks instantly
✓ Customize your settings to automatically stream or download books over wi-fi or cellular networks
✓ 15,000+ best sellers, new releases and audiobooks for kids – and we’re adding more titles all the time
✓ Automatic bookmarking means you never lose your place
✓ Full-featured audiobook player integrates with native Android functionality to automatically pause when your listening is interrupted by a phone call
✓ Save books to your personal reading list so you always know your next listen

Get started with audiobooks today!

User reviews:

Nice app. It could be that I’m running jelly bean, but I’ve had quite a few force close issues. That and some books just won’t play. Great when it does work though.

Very frustrating user experience combined with frequent crashes and a limited selection makes this an unappealing alternative to competing services unfortunately. The most frustrating “feature” is the enforced 3 minute preview before downloading a book, and the total lack of a download progress indicator.

Really nice app and great service. It’s really nice not having to worry about credits or not liking the audio book. Makes commuting and working during the day a lot more tolerable. Tried on my nexus.

This is by far the best app for audio books that I’ve used. Don’t waste your time on the other ones.

Loving the wide range and quality of books here.. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

I have used them for quite a while now. I’m so glad we have the app! They are always adding titles. Usually unlimited services have a very limited selection.

Such a large selection of books

Perfect app. Does everything and more!

I felt it was pretty good! using this though to get free graboid gigs


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