Baby Panda Food Party – Help the cake find some candles

[Game] Baby Panda Food Party

Baby Panda Food Party  Baby Panda loves food and has lots of food at home. Baby Panda is not at home today, and the foods have decided to hold a dress-up party. Before the party starts, the foods need to dress themselves up. Would you help dress up the foods? The foods will invite you to the dress-up party!

Make a hat for the cone of ice cream!
Add the fruits and milk into the ice cream machine, and ice cream balls will roll out! Make hats with the ice cream balls and fruits, and give them to the cones of ice cream!

Help the cake find some candles!
The cake wants to dress itself up with candles, but they are hiding in the fruit basket! Eat the fruits to find the candles!

Make the hamburgers taller!
Grill some meat patties, slice the tomato, and get a few pieces of lettuce! Add them layer by layer between the slices of bread. Wow! The hamburger has gotten taller!

Curl large waves for the noodles!
Give the noodles a hot bath, and then a blow-dry. Finally, use the curling iron to create a spiral-like curl for noodles! The new hairstyles of the noodles are perfect for the food party!

Besides, you can give some fruits to jellies and ride the roller coaster with the doughnuts. More than ten types of food dress up games are in store for you!

Baby Panda’s Food Party Dress Up is a food party game designed to develop creativity in children. As children dress up the foods for the party, and have fun with the foods at the party, they develop their imagination and are encouraged to create freely.

After dressing up the foods, kids will receive a tip for a healthy lifestyle. For example, eat meat to grow taller, and brush your teeth after eating candies. This helps children develop healthy eating habits.

Baby Panda’s Food Party Dress Up will help children:

Learn to make fruit sundaes, cream cakes, sandwich cookies, etc.
Learn how to enjoy food healthily.
Enjoy more than ten types of party games including a roller coaster and a swing.
Use their creativity to dress up the foods and enjoy the party!

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Baby Panda Food Party user reviews :

I like this game very very very awesome game when I downloaded this game that day is vety very nice I very very love this game I lean about this food items I learn and super I very very love this game about this

I liked the game it was so interesting I will give it 5 stars I like giving a care for food so not dumb so I am angel I love some babybus games but some are maybe hanging not working black screen then some games are so dumb useless ver bad I will not give them 1 star I will give 0 starsi will download it my mom will reboot it when it doesn’t work but if she doesn’t again and again maybe I won’t work it has not so much adds too

I love this game because, whenever I open this game then so many foods are there and we are learning about food habits but these are junk foods not healthy foods but don’t worry because in party we use to eat junk foods and the game’s quality is also nice, you should download this game please I am requesting to you all to download it., I love all babybus games!

My kids are in love with this game thank you so much for this game.

It’s so much fun to play the game is so good and you can make food and decorated and and take photos of the food install it now

Funny for your little babys!also good for bigger ones at home.spending time with this app can make you very happy.but it also might get boring soon.

My brother Love’s this game. I sometimes play with him. I did not give 5 stars cause it’s really glitchy but it keeps my brother calm that is why I gave it 4 stars

The best game ever i loved this game i played this game first time when i was two years old now iam nine years old i suggest to downlod thid game speasilly for small kids it helps the kids to learn by playing

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