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[Game] Baby Panda Juice Shop

Baby Panda Juice Shop  Are you looking for some fresh juice to quench your thirst during the long, hot summer days?

Come to Baby Panda’s Juice Shop for an explosion of juice fun. The cold and flavorful fruit juice will get you feeling happy and refreshed through the summer season!

Choose from a large selection of your favorite fruits and flavors to make juice for a hot summer day. What will the strawberries mixed with watermelons taste like?

Make the juice just how you want! Make it differently every time! Have fun and explore! The only limits are your imagination! Your combinations will be your new summer favorite.

Making your favorite juice has never been such easy and fun! Blend fruits, chop, and bottle all with a simple touch. Wow, it’s time to beat the heat with some cold summer juice!

Fun and creative ways of juice production let your playing interesting at every turn! Observe customers’ reactions after finishing your special summer juice and get coins.

No rules or time limits! Make juice with your own ideas, and in your own pace.

Look! The customers are lining up and they can’t wait to buy baby panda’s fruit juice! Help baby panda prepare delicious fruit juice in the super funny Baby Panda’s Juice Shop!

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Now BabyBus offers a wide variety of products, videos and other educational content for over 400 million fans from ages 0-8 around the world! We have released over 200 children’s educational apps, over 2500 episodes of nursery rhymes and animations of various themes spanning the Health, Language, Society, Science, Art and other fields.

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Baby Panda Juice Shop user reviews :

This is very good and intrasting game

I really like 3D than 2D. I like that you are controlling the machines, not like other games. You just swipe and then they automatically move. Its boring. Please if you saw this, make more baby panda games in 3D like. Making a cake in 3D. Making a sushi in 3D. How about an experimental games like Elements in science. Good job on this game! If i could change the stars limit, i will put 10/10!

This game is fantastic . I love this game . There are many levels . They have many experience of how to make juice . Like mixing the juice ,selling them ,rapping them ,pasting some stickers ,many beautiful type of caps of the bottle . The best scene was last scene that we have to sell at our own . All the customer give us money also . But 1 thing that should be changed that the Time period of making juice ,selling them ,rapping them ,pastingsome stickers and all this is so long .

ITS A REALLY FUN GAME you can make juices! And its really fun making new color juice with rhe fruits! I love how you get to choose what fruit , bottle , sticker , tag , and cap on your juice! Also a fun fact when your putting juice in the bottle you can mix flavors up and look sooooo cute for example you have made a watermelon and banana 1. take a bottle 2.fill it half way with watermelon or banana 3. Fill up the rest of the bottle with the flavor thats left bananna or watermelon 4.ENJOY

Addicting but slow paced, I played about 2 rounds of the game, its really good but it is slow , you aren’t able to skip through reactions, and it goes back to main menu after you sell every juice .but it does save your coins . I will play again .

I love this game………. I am playing this game for many years……. there is a message for you friends that: if you put chillies 2 time and strawberries 3 time u can get many coins….I had got many coins….. they will give you 6 or 5 coins…

I absolutely love this game! The best part is you can make the drink whatever colour you want, you can also decorate the bottle of the drink! This game is so fun!

BabyBus makes the best games ever! They include adorable cartoon characters and they make fun and educational games. I even enjoy using this app even if I’m a 13 year old using my oppo phone and yet, keep it up BabyBus!

This game is the best for children it’s a best game and the game is so amazing and children can learn because when we make juice and give to the people who comes to buy in the game so when they give us money so we can count and also calculate so when children play this game so they will learn to count or calculate I can easily give this game 5 stars because the game is interesting we have fun to play this game and more interesting because we can learn with playing. Thank you

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