Block Gems – Exercise your brain in a moment

[Game] Block Gems

Block Gems

  Relax and unlock your brain with the simple but addictive puzzle game!

Block Gems is a fun classic creative block world full of free jigsaw puzzles. Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay, you can test yourself and exercise your brain in a moment. Hope you love the block mania!

Enjoy various block puzzles everywhere, every time with No Wifi Need. Just drag, drop and move. Once you start, you will be hooked and not stop playing the best block game. Easy to play and available for all puzzle lovers. Enjoy the endless Brain Teasers.


Exquisite and dynamic game interface
Fun, colorful and engaging graphics
Easy to play, and suitable for everyone
It is all for FREE and No Wifi Need
Endless block puzzles full of challenge
Various gameplay and modes free to select
No time limit to play and Auto save game
Retro games: smooth and delicate animation
Simple rules and easy to control
Good for relaxing and brainstorming


Drag the blocks to move them.
Try to fit all in the row or column. Then the blocks will be clear and you get the point. Game will be over if there are no room for any the shapes below the grid.
Blocks can’t be rotated.

Block Puzzle Modes:
Drop Mode: Follow the drop blocks, try to fit them in the row or column. You can adjust the shapes and direction of blocks when falling. Enjoy the amazing block puzzle!

Drag Mode: Place the pieces into board. Once you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space for new pieces. Classic block puzzles free to challenge. So come to our block puzzle legend, this casual game will satisfy your taste!

Roadblock Mode: Clear all barriers in the classic block game. The tiles will eliminate if 4 barriers with same color form in a line.

Hexagon Mode: Drag and drop block into right place to finish the game. Play in the hexagon puzzle kingdom, exercise your brain!

Classic innovative game – easy to fun and simple to play.
Block gems will keep you entertained for just a moment, or will keep you engaged for hours of fun. Easy to play and have fun, you can enjoy the block puzzles to your content. Vivid graphics and bright background will bring you unique experience.

[ALL INCLUSIVE] Classic block games, exercise your brainpower!
Daily block puzzles includes a variety of well-crafted puzzle levels. Each mode will greatly test your reaction speed and ability of space combination. Run across our great block puzzle game, solve the mysterious brain puzzles, win the final victory!

Hope you like our Block Gems – Classic Block Puzzle Games and enjoy a lot!

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Block Gems user reviews :

so many games to play and all of them are so much fun. I give this game aten thumps up.

Embedded games are good, but way too much ads ! Very annoying !

i like it because it has many games all in one app it’s always my escape app when am bored or want to get my mind busy

this game is fun but you now noticeablyPet so this is a Standing ovation to 11 drummond

Like the game but the restart is boring, rather give lives to repeat stage.

Very funny games that keep me glued on my phone

really nice game but too many ads

so amazing and so many games you can play

I love this game It’s so relaxing encourage everyone to download this game

I love this block game so much! It is a fun game and it’s also help by sharpening your brain, in terms of calculation. It’s a best game because; it takes away your stress by the time you’re busy with it.

Verute good app. It have all the games that I like to play. It’s easy to use. I am also happy that they added bubble shooting game.

very interesting I love it all the games in it are nice no complaints so far just started playing it n I love love it….

Super fun, plus a whole bunch of games in one app!!! I love the spinning wheel one, the block games and the hex game, everyone should have this one app then you don’t have to use a dozen individual apps that are draining your memory & battery!!! LOVE IT!!! Makes me feel like a little kid again…SO MUCH FUN!!!

very challenging , it can be solved, there is a clue chess to help you out, for me some are easy and some may take awhile, if I can’t solve it, I’ll leave it and come back later. five stars from me. I reconmend this game, its very positive.

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