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[Game] Tile Link – Match & Connect

Tile LinkJoin a super fun puzzle matching adventure today and spend hours of fun!

Tile Link is an addictive free puzzle matching game that will train your mind and test your skills as you connect tiles and win levels.

Match the colorful tiles to create a chain blast and clear the board!

Don’t miss out on this awesome and relaxing game! Download for FREE today and become the Tile Link master!

Play now and enjoy challenging and fun gameplay with tons of puzzles to solve. Complete the different missions set at the beginning of each level and master the challenges.


Match and link the tiles to blast your way through the levels
Go for the big matches-link as many tiles as possible to generate massive explosions
Master all the challenges, explode blocks, and solve puzzles
Sharpen your logic skills and train your brain solving addicting puzzles
Plan your moves carefully and test your logic and matching skills


Link 3 or more adjacent tiles to blast them
Hundreds of free puzzles to enjoy
Easy and fun to play connect game
Powerful boosters that will help you get past those tricky levels
Relaxing puzzle link game to play with family and friends
Play anytime and anywhere you want. No internet or Wi-Fi connection is needed, Play online or offline

Get ready to train your brain with hundreds of amazing levels filled with cool challenges and brain teasers. Test your skills as you match and smash tiles and blast your way to the top.

This incredible puzzle link game is simple and easy to learn, perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

It’s easy just to pick up and play!- Download for free today and join the fun!

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Tile Link user reviews :

I still like this game but forcing us to see the 30 seconds ads between levels is just terrible. There’s no skip option after 5 seconds – we just have to watch the entire ads. It’s understandable to see the full ad when we need more moves, but why in between the levels? Makes no sense. Please fix that. Give us the option to skip ads.

If you’re going to play this in order to get rewards for another game, please reconsider. It’s all easy peazy until you are near your goal and then all of the sudden they throttle your game play and make it so you have to pay chump change in order to finish and since you played a couple levels to get there, you’re monetarily “strong armed” inorder to get your reward. Good luck, people.

very addicting & time just doesn’t exist playing this. It also challenges me with strategy & thinking ahead. If you do not join a club & the club isn’t active, lives are extremely limited & takes forever to recharge. If you want me to spend money then let me play longer & don’t limit my lives.

Update; GAME RESTARTS if another app opens.. and I’ve been loosing my boosters every time for 2 days now it’s terrible.. I’m asking 3 added shots by watching an ad. Browser open I’ve hit the app, Tile Link will automatically restart when I go back to it..

Like most other reviews, fun but way too many ads. You receive a reward of 15 minutes of play but more yhsn half the time is ads. If you choose to watch ad to get 3 more moves there are many times there is no ad to watch. Shouldn’t be penalized if there are no ads, moves should be provided.

I had fun. It’s at least not a money pit game. You should try it. It’s not so hard that you get frustrated but it’s a challenge.

I really liked this game until I got to level 1000. They introduced a tree that grows, but it doesn’t make any sense how it grows (for example, the mallet or a bullet will remove an object above it, but it won’t grow). They don’t give explanations of how the items work, so it’s getting impossible to win levels without using a bunch of my enhancers. Was worth it up until this point, but now it’s not fun anymore.

I love the game, it’s pretty challenging but I wished there were more ways to get a free life or two. I get it almost cleared and maybe could use one or two more lives but don’t have them unless I want to spend my coins. Maybe a short commercial (although I can’t stand it) but a short one would be fine to gain a few extra lives to complete the level.

It’s fun and easy in the beginning. Unfortunately; other reviews are correct, it becomes more of traditional pay to play game. You get through a board, you have just 1 more item to crush/get rid of, and it’s 100 couns for 5 more moves. Each bundle of coins in the “store”, is not cheap either. Plus the bonuses get fewer, the higher you go.(Level wise) If you want to join a team, you can get some perks. Not my thing. Could be fun but, these issues take that away.

I actually LOVE this game, addictive. But now I’m convinced it’s rigged to try to force you to pay for additional tools and plays. I’ve literally played the same level like 15 times over the past 3 days, only to lose by 1-3 moves. And no options to watch ads for extra plays.. It’s not fun anymore if you can never win… the game is set up to force you to pay.

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