Psychic Girl – Try to challenge the top ranker

[Game] Psychic Girl

Psychic Girl  There is a girl who has lost her memory.

And the enormous ‘super powers’ of the girl are left to you.
Please grow ‘most’ strongly in this world.

How to play
Touch the screen to defeat the monster with your telekinesis.
Collect gold to strengthen your character.
Collect various weapons by stage clear.
Grab the boss of the dungeon and get legendary weapons and treasures.
If the challenge is difficult, please use the posion items actively.
Collect soul stones through stage retreat.
Enhance the items collected with Soul Stone.
Obtain costumes and pets to help fight.
Try to challenge the top ranker.

The effects of all weapons, treasures, and costumes are cumulative.
Pet’s effect is applied only when summoned.
The girl continues to fight even when you are out of the game.

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Psychic Girl user reviews :

The gameplay is nice, the lock mode is also cool, however, I’m not a fan of the fact that you have to pay diamonds to enter the dungeon, tickets would be great, earning diamonds is far easier then other games but they are really useful for other things. Something I really don’t like is that you can’t remove old junk like the brick and so on. All in all it’s a good game just needs a little bit of work to make it better.

Appreciate the simplicity. Game runs smoothly. Relaxing to play. Wouldn’t mind learning more about the girl and what happened to her world but perhaps that’s already here and I just haven’t cleared enough levels to find out.

Well would of loved to try the game, it gets to the main screen where you can guess login or Google login, it doesn’t matter which one I pick it won’t advance forward. Tried re-downloading but still same issue. Shame as really wanted to give it a try.

It’s simplicity Helps this game so much. It’s simple and fun and just a great clicker. Keep things like this and don’t add too many complex features

Art is nice, but there isn’t much substance to the game. There’s nothing that really makes me want to play this over any other incremental game.

Logged in, logged out, and logged in again to Google account just to suddenly get my account changed to someone else’s account that I don’t know and it’s on top-10 rank, having some premium items. Instant uninstall ’cause it’s not my account. And I can’t make progress on that person’s account too, which the game loads data exactly on the same stage as it was at the first time it was loaded.

The girl is cute, but otherwise it’s just a clicker. What do you expect from clicker? It allows you to click.

Is a pretty game and fun if you like to click alot-( lmao ) I love the drawings and character is so adorable and cute!!!

I like it but there is no daily task no special task needs a story needs a lot improving to keep busy

Fun idle cookie clicker type game. Good anime visuals.

I am unable to play this game because it is so choppy, I like the game just can’t play it yet.

Great game. Simple idle fun. Looking forward to updates

Never played a game with no pauses, but it keeps me naughty hands busy.

This game is so good but not that bad it is still. Nice

I love this game so much and I love how you designed the girl!

Kinda sus. 10k downloads and no reviews? Hmm…

Just started playing will edit after playing more

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