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[Game] Brave Merge – Battle & Defense

Brave MergeWin back your kingdom


The armies of the undead have invaded your kingdom, and it’s down to you to win back your lands village by village.

Hire warriors and head into to battle with the zombie hordes to rid your realm of the undead scourge. Turn your army of simple peasant soldiers into an elite squad of mighty knights by merging them, unlock all sorts of village buildings to earn passive income as you progress through the game, and invest your gains back into defense of your realm in this colorful and entertaining adventure game that combines time management with strategy and combat.


What heroes are made of: To beat the zombies in battle, you’ll need to level up fast. Hire new troops and merge them with other warriors of the same level to increase their combat effectiveness.

Turn plowshares to swords: Your warriors start off having only simple clubs to bludgeon the zombies with, but as you level them up they get battle axes, armor, longswords and more, turning them into real knights and slashing the time it takes to deal with the undead.

Climb the tower: Liberate towers, and you’ll discover your warriors are just as useful with bows as they are with swords, dealing ranged attacks on zombies all around them.

What is that thing? If you think swarms of skeletal zombies are the worst you’ll have to fight in this game, wait until you see their leaders – each village you come to also has a fearsome monster boss you’ll have to do battle with before you can move on. Make sure you’ve got plenty of high-level warriors to face them


Getting back to work: As you clear areas of the undead, the village will be able to start functioning again, and it’s you that gets the income from the buildings you rescue, including taverns, forges, sawmills and temples.

Coining it: Buildings will add to the coins you earn from beating zombies in battle. Be sure to collect your earnings regularly to maximize the amount you can invest in your army – hiring new knights gets expensive fast.

Joys of automation: Make your industries even more efficient by automating revenue collection so that you can enjoy truly passive income while devoting your energies and attention to defense of your kingdom and defeating the undead in battle.

If I had a hammer… The game has a second currency that can also be won in combat and earned from chests. In conjunction with collectible building cards, hammers allow you to upgrade buildings and further increase your earnings.


Looking for a fun casual adventure game that combines easily mastered gameplay with tactical challenges and time-management strategizing? Grab your sword, build an army of fearsome knights, and devote yourself to defense of the realm. Download Brave Merge now and get ready for adventure.

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Brave Merge user reviews :

Was fun originally when enemies and troops had health, but recently they implemented a “time” system to defeat enemies and troops no longer take damage. It now takes 10-20x as long to defeat an enemy making the gameplay an incredible slog. Went from a fun game I played everyday for the last 2-3 months to absolutely worthless. Progression is now takes forever and is no longer worth playing for me.

Tons of ads. (Update after developer response) Tons i mean ads every single step. Whats the point of free game when you watch tons of ads. If you dont watch you progress slow as turtle.

  • Hi! Thanks for sharing your opinion! Our game remains free thanks to ads, which allow us to continue developing, maintaining, and updating the game. We hope you understand and come back soon!

Cute start, then terrible. I paid for no ads, but of course they’re still there if you want “extra” bonuses. After a few villages it becomes a real slog (on village 15), you cannot automate anything anymore as it’s too expensive and it just becomes tedious. I spent £18 on this for no ads and a bonus pack, for the same price I could get a decent PC game that I could play for much longer, without the need to constantly spend to get further. Very sad.

  • Hey there! How about playing a little bit more? We think you may have missed a lot of content, since we have a ton of interesting levels and possibilities, plus we’re always adding more. Try it — who knows, you might enjoy it!

Way Too Many Ads! Seriously. Installed & after 10 minutes, I deleted the game and took time out of MY day after work because the ad experience is just that awful to write this review. It has so much potential, but the constant 30-second ads are draining! For every box, every time you beat a level, over the controls. Swear to God it’s just randomly, too.

  • Dear user, we value every piece of feedback we get! Unfortunately, we cannot continue to work on the game and support its full functionality without ads. We hope you’ll change your mind, and we’ll be waiting for you!

This was a fun game. The usual ads for drops and upgrades and whatnot, and an occasional ad that would pop up on its own, and I was ok with that usual tradeoff. All of a sudden, there’s now additional banner ads at the bottom of the screen that actually cover the game controls. That’s going too far in my opinion. If I hadn’t seen what the controls were before, I’d have no idea what to do. Taking back my 5 stars and dropping it to 2 stars. If this doesn’t change, I’ll likely uninstall the game.

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