Bricks Breaker Mission – Hit the bricks with balls and give damages to the bricks

[Game] Bricks Breaker Mission

Bricks Breaker MissionBricks Breaker Mission : Break all the bricks to clear the stages.

Enjoy the unlimited gameplay with tons of modes and stages.
It is for free and downloads it now!

How to play
Fires the ball with a touch.
Hit the bricks with balls and give damages to the bricks.
When the durability reaches 0, the brick is destroyed.
When the bricks come down to the bottom of the screen, the game is over.

Game with 15 horizontal blocks
Easy game controls
Tons of stages
Unlimited modes
Mini-game modes
Use 50 balls from the game start!
Various shapes of balls such as stars, triangles, squares, and diamonds
Offline gameplay: Enjoy the game even without WiFi
Multiplayer supported
Achievements and leaderboard supported
Tablet devices supported
Low-end devices supported



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Bricks Breaker Mission user reviews :

This game developer has a great collection of brick breaking games. They’re fun, relaxing, and addictive. They’ve helped me pass time on flights and commuting and isn’t taxing on your phone’s battery!

With a bit more attention towards the graphics and the controls and you are looking at a 1995’s best arcade game ever
  • mobirixApril 12, 2018
  • Dear user, this is Mobirix. Thank you for your valuable review. We will always try to provide fresh and fun entertainment. Thank you.
Everything is amazing but there’s no information on what should we do to get 3 stars in the game
  • mobirixApril 4, 2018
  • Dear user, this is Mobirix. If you have any shortage, We would appreciate any kind of criticism and advice. We will listen to your valuable opinions and will make up for you. Thank you.

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