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BrowsecDownload FREE Browsec VPN. Get a fast & secure proxy server for Android

Browsec is a free VPN proxy that protects your online privacy and security while accessing the Internet. It is the number one app if you want protected web surfing with a super unlimited proxy.
Join 2 million users who trust Browsec – one of the best Android VPN! Enjoy fast and safe browsing from any part of the world.


Protect your public wifi connection from hackers trying to steal personal data, passwords, and financial information. We believe the best VPN for Android should encrypt your data from malicious ISPs. And our proxy server does it.

Hide your IP address and get maximum protection. Improve your online privacy: no one will ever know what content you prefer to watch, read, or listen to.

Unblock region restrictions by switching between multiple virtual locations. We have free endpoints in the US, the Netherlands, and Singapore. More to come. Unblock Websites that are unavailable in your country.

Browsec is the best Android VPN for:
Travelers: protect yourself from data sniffers when connecting to unprotected public hotspots
Online buyers: find the best deals and shield your banking operations
Online gamers: get access to all your favorite games, regardless of your location
Movie fans: watch popular movies and shows on the internet
Cautious users: stay anonymous and keep your identity safe


It is a top-notch Android VPN:

Do whatever you need. Browsec works as an IP changer and conceals your browser actions from everyone.

Restore the connection even after rebooting your phone. Our best proxy servers guarantee the top performance of the Android VPN.

Minimum efforts between you and SAFE CONNECT: choose a free proxy server and tap the On/Off switch. It’s that easy.

Quick access to free VPN proxy right from your home screen. You can also see if it’s working at a glance: if it’s green, you are protected.

Browsec protects all the apps by default, but you can modify the list as you wish. Use VPN protection only for selected apps.

That means, that you’re anonymous and protected while using our fast secure VPN.

Is it safe?
YES. Browsec doesn’t keep track of any of your personal information. The app maintains your security and privacy throughout the whole time you use it.

Is it easy to use?
YES. You can use the Browsec VPN hotspot, regardless of your experience. One-click controls connect you to a free proxy server of your choice, and you can start browsing immediately. Turn on Browsec VPN protection and stay anonymous while using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other browsers.

Does it work in my country?
YES. We provide a fast secure VPN for Android without any geographical restrictions.

Is it free?
YES. You can enjoy all the BASIC functions free of charge: Protect wifi connection using a hotspot shield and hide your IP wherever and whenever you want.


Access the Internet via servers in 43 premium locations.

There are no traffic limits. Browsec guarantees you safer faster internet.

Enjoy dedicated traffic lanes: this wifi proxy VPN is fast enough to download video files.

If something goes wrong, helping you is our priority.

With our VPN protection for android, you can browse anonymously and securely without being tracked. Your IP and location will be masked, and your activities can no longer be tracked on the Internet. Browsec app will guard your privacy and security.

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Browsec user reviews :

No VPN app should be released to public without having an app bypass setting: one without this setting should only exist as semi beta/beta testing version. App gets a fair shake but it’s still in beta as far as I can tell.

  • We actually have an app bypass setting. Please check App Protection in the settings.

Thanks for fixing the problem within 2 hours, Netherlands server is working again. If anyone else has any problems with connection – seriously, just write to support from app menu.

  • Good to hear that, thanks for updating your review!

I like Browsec,been using it for years,never had an issue with the app. However, the app keeps quittng and the VPN setting should not be on the notification.

  • Thanks for the review! Most likely, Browsec is not allowed to run in the background. You can look for the solution here:

May not be perfect in all situations (Cloudfare-protected sites seem to really hate it), buy the devs are very responsive, the support works well and the connection is rather stable.

for me, this is a must-have app for our world. Everything works, definitely 5 stars. Thanks to the Browsec team

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