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[Game] BUD – Create, Play & Hangout

BUDBUD is the best virtual platform to create and experience 3D interactive content with friends. Invite friends to create, play, hangout and explore 3D experiences built by our community.

Use your imagination to create something cool to share with the community.

Customized your avatar to express yourself.
Build interactive 3D experiences using our easy-to-use 3D creation tools.
Explore lots of 3D experiences created by our global community.
Follow top creators in our community and never miss a beat.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at support[at]budcreate.xyz.

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BUD user reviews :

This game is great and all. The character avatar editing, friend making and entering in the maps are cool. But the line that I draw is where whenever I hop into a server. It would just glitch for a few seconds and if I’m entering a portal to do side quests. It can glitch and crash the game. It keeps on repeating the same old crash sequence whenever I enter in a golden portal once I get six stars and above. It’s just not fair and I think you guys need to fix that part.

  • Thank you for letting us know!! If you have any issues with the game please record a video and send it to this email support[at]budcreate.xyz. So that we can locate the problem and provide you with a better experience!!

It’s alright, it’s cute, and the multi-player aspect doesn’t really add anything. There’s no real goals except to roam around the maps hoping you find a side quest, I wish I could just select one and then go to it. Also, it didn’t feel like I was actually doing anything. Sure, to collect coins, but it’s only for changing how you look.

So much potential! Just need better controls and maybe a little faster running, the jump is really delayed. Maybe some more color in the beginning of the game would be better, like a futuristic vibe or forest, the desert is kinda depressing. Also I dont know if I missed the tutorial or what but I feel really blind going into it.

  • Thank you very much for your valuable feedback. We will evaluate your suggestions in subsequent updates. Best regards, Team BUD

it’s okay some games are repetitive but they’re fun. my only problem is that building an experience is hard and moving around the perspective is difficult and I wish they would add buttons and/or a guide on how to move around the perspective efficiently. I’m trying to create a room and add texts but I keep being blocked by the walls and it’s hard to see where my text is. other than that the game is fun.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback. You can find the guidebook and a lot of tutorials on our official social account, which are helpful for you to gain a deeper understanding of BUD.

very cute and has lots of potential! character customization was great and had a lot of outfits and skin tones – i was even able to adjust my character to fit my style which is something not a lot of these games offer. my only gripe is the lack of hairstyles, i’ve got short 3b curls and i don’t really see it represented anywhere. but the ones that are there are very cute. the world customization is also very limited, but these are all things that can be improved with time

  • We are committed to providing users with a better experience in each update. Your feedback is absolutely valuable to us! We will evaluate your suggestion in subsequent updates.

Absolutely amazing game! It’s so darn cute and everything is free! I would give this game 5 stars but 3 issues: 1. The keyboard is mega slow and doesn’t get half the letters I’m typing unless I type slowly 2. There is no tutorial or anything to help learn the tools to create a world And 3. When you place a building and your trying to out stuff in it it’s really hard to see because it shifts you in front of the walls at certain angles. Overall it’s a really awesome game!

  • Thank you so much for your feedback! We will evaluate your suggestion in subsequent updates.

Love this game!! You can build anything with the builder program but you are limited to only a handful of shapes so you do have to get creative. Anything you make can be used by anybody once published and vice versa! the app and all its features are totally free! The builder app is hard to navigate at first and there are some bugs, sometimes shapes corrupt and there is no way to delete them from your build, forcing you to start over from scratch, but with practice you can make really cute stuff!

  • Thank you so much for loving BUD! We are committed to providing users with a better experience in each update. You can update to the latest version.

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